SEO Blogging for Business

Your homepage is just a homepage. It's functions are limited. Your blog is different – it can be developed in a way that targets each type of customer in different ways, through hundreds of content campaigns, driving traffic to your blog and products forever. We call this SEO Blogging.

SEO Blogging is art that we're passionate about. This is what we do every day. We’re artisans of content – and marketing that content. Our goal through managing your blog is to humanize your marketing efforts by creating valuable content that drives traffic to your site for years to come.

Ghostblogging: Show Me the ROI!

Ghostblogging is the solution for any busy CEO Calling yourself a “thought leader” is the equivalent of marking yourself with a scarlet “A” (the “A” stands for “Ass” in this case). But let’s face it, no matter what term is used to describe your expertise as a CEO, that’s what you are. You’re an expert. And not […]

Business Blogging Advice You Should Have Ignored


When business blogging advice goes bad If something is published on the Internet, it must be accurate, right? I hope you got a good laugh at that question. The Internet is full of information. Some of it is beneficial, high-quality, and accurate. Other information on the Internet is pure garbage. There needs to be discretion when consuming […]

The Needs of Every Startup Marketing Blog

startup blogging

We’ve worked with a myriad of clients to create blogs and social media strategies that help them market their business. We’re able to transcend the gap between industries because we understand all the components for a startup marketing blog. After all, we’ve been through the process many times. Today, we’re going to take a look […]

Should Your Blog Reading Level Be About 8th Grade?

blog reading level

Do you know your blog reading level? Your blog reading level is the metric that tells you how easy or difficult your blog is to read. It can be increased or decreased by punctuation, wordiness, character count, and choice of words. Writing at a simple blog reading level isn’t to insult anyone’s intelligence, it simply helps […]