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The Needs of Every Startup Marketing Blog

We’ve worked with a myriad of clients to create blogs and social media strategies that help them market their business. We’re able to transcend the gap between industries because we understand all the components for a startup marketing blog. After all, we’ve been through the process many times.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the components that a startup marketing blog must have. We’re also going to take a look at a few startup blogs.

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Should Your Blog Reading Level Be About 8th Grade?

Do you know your blog reading level?

Your blog reading level is the metric that tells you how easy or difficult your blog is to read. It can be increased or decreased by punctuation, wordiness, character count, and choice of words.

Writing at a simple blog reading level isn’t to insult anyone’s intelligence, it simply helps make your point quickly, efficiently, and effectively. In fact, an eighth grade reading level is recommended for most blogs. There’s room for style in writing, but substance is far more important.

Even the great Harvard Business Review finds itself in the junior high and high school zone for stretches of its website. Like you, the magazine is conveying big industry ideas and trends to the biggest possible audience. Meanwhile, genius-level blogs, according to Mental Floss, include Ars Technica and Damn Interesting!, but their audiences are far different than yours – they’re more for entertainment purposes.

Are you writing for CEOs? Engineers? Niche retail consumers who just can’t get enough of your kitchen gadgets? Your customer personas do matter tremendously, for many reasons. One of which is determining how complicated or uncomplicated your blog writing style will be.

A related reason, is attracting the right readers – and retaining them. If you lose visitors to your business blog before you can convert them into customers, your content marketing efforts have failed. You may end up doing just that if you write content at a reading level that doesn’t resonate with your ideal readers.

Again I ask, do you know at which reading level you should blog for?

For an executive, we recommend you write at or below high school level. Engineers, maybe closer to college. Most others? Well, believe it or not, about eighth grade!

Place your posts somewhere between an elevator pitch and an essay assignment in crisp language with minimal adverbs and passive voice. Write how you speak. Be concise. Don’t assume your reader knows everything you do. Your role is to inform.

Let’s look at some ways to measure your blog reading level – the tests and the principles behind them – and to improve the quality of your posts.

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How to Sell Any Product With One Blog Post

Do you know how to sell any product, just through good content and a call to action?

Folks don’t take blogs seriously – they think blogs are for stay-at-home-moms and amateur cooks with good cameras. And those are certainly the folks winning at Pinterest. Heck, my amateur cooking blog gets 50K unique visitors per month … and most of that traffic comes from Pinterest.

But if you’re a business, and you still think your blog is for fun – just a place for your employees to write a few silly posts or to get something off your chest about your industry – then you’re doing it wrong.

Think of every blog post as a landing page.

You can only have so many sales pages on your site, but you can have thousands of blog posts.

And every blog post can be optimized individually for search.

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10 Business Blogging Best Practices: A BuzzFarmers Special Edition Bonanza

First off, don’t freak out. You might see this impressive roundup of our favorite recent business blogging best practices posts below and say something along the lines of …

“As much as I’d benefit, there’s no way I can read all of that right now … I’m just one person … but it’s probably a list that they’re going to pull down soon, anyway, because it would be too good to be true that they’d just give their awesome content away in one convenient place like this … I mean, they’re cool and nice and everything, but come on … am I dreaming, or what?”

No, you’re not dreaming and, yes, as a CEO or marketing executive looking to launch an original content campaign, you can benefit from our most-read posts, listed below.

Bonus: We’re leaving them up for as long as the Internet exists, so take your time – each of ‘em free to a good home!

And thank you for calling us cool and nice … that’s all the payment we need. Unless you hire us to handle your blog, search, and social, of course, which we are totally happy to do.

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Successful Businesses Define Content Marketing by Trust & Quality

To define content marketing, one must start with the fact that it has changed the business world forever.

Why? Because content marketing isn’t about the trickery, lies, and overinflation so often used in traditional marketing.

We define content marketing as a process of thoroughly informing your audience who you are and what you do by providing them with great articles, stories, and ideas This is often done through a collection of posts. More in-depth products, like white papers, podcasts, or video content, are also given away by savvy content marketers. Most do so by offering the information product in exchange for an email address.

If this isn’t how the marketers you know define content marketing, well, they probably aren’t real content marketers. They’re marketers in content marketers’ clothing. Content marketing is about the content and the audience before it’s about selling products.

You give away content for free to prove you’re worth buying from.

Customers and clients want a sense of a person or organization before investing their money. Content marketing is about creating these relationships, and offering paid products afterward. Any company seeking to define content marketing in any other way is heading in the wrong direction.

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10 Ways of Repurposing Blog Content Like a Magician

Repurposing blog posts is a surefire way to make your audience gasp in awe and delight.

But how do some companies do it? How do they get so much out of one blog post, like they’re pulling an unending multicolored handkerchief out of their maw?

At the risk of suffering the same fate as G.O.B. Bluth with the Alliance of Magicians – that is, disgraceful banishment from the Alliance of Content Marketing Un-Agencies – we can’t resist sharing some secrets of repurposing blog content, itself a crucial best practice for successful audience development.



Let’s take a look at 10 tricks – or, as G.O.B. would prefer, illusions – to make your blog posts not just memorable, but as close to mind-blowing immortal shape shifters as possible.

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Using Free Images for Blogs Might Get You Sued

Looking for free graphics to use on your blog? Think again. There’s no such thing as free images for blogs.

Picture this: A young writer has recently taken over writing the content for his family’s successful travel agency blog. It’s a dream job; he’s able to feature new destinations daily. He’s learning about the world around him, and using his mastery of language to write killer copy. Plus, this young writer knows well enough that you can’t just use free images for blogs.

He steers clear of sourcing photographs from Google’s image search and other search engines. Instead, he uses graphics sent to the travel agency by partner companies or even takes pictures travelers post to other travel blogs, but always credits the original photographer for their work. Then one day, he gets an email from a lawyer informing him that the travel agency is being sued for copyright infringement for thousands of dollars.

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Cool Blog Titles for Company Blogs We Like (and Some We Don’t)

If you’re in charge of creating or managing your company blog, are you using cool blog titles or something boring?

Most business people know that creativity is important, but it isn’t necessarily top of mind in all endeavors. After all, business-as-usual and creativity aren’t exactly aligned.

Companies started looking at blogs differently once e-commerce and blogging became revenue streams. In this vein, the creative side of business became more important than ever before. Companies could take to their blogs to share stories, news, and product information without having to spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.

Today we’re going to take a look at some companies that use cool blog titles to create a sense of personality while communicating something about their brand. Ultimately, cool blog titles still need to stay true to a brand’s mission, but the creativity behind it will help stick in people’s minds … and hopefully get them to continue visiting.

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Ghost Blog Writers: 5 Reasons Why CEOs Choose to Outsource Their Voice

Ghost blog writers can strengthen your website while lightening your workload.

Do you remember those days in college when you would have paid someone hundreds if not thousands of dollars to write that Russian literature paper that your semester grade was hinging on?

Well, we’ve got good news for you: You can do that now, and you won’t get kicked out of anything. In fact, you might be asked to come back and serve as commencement speaker for your alma mater, because you’re so widely regarded for your wisdom – or maybe you’re just obscenely wealthy and a generous donor.

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Blog Writers For Hire: Finding a Creative/Marketing Hybrid

When seeking blog writers for hire, look for someone who has more than just a way with words.

Hiring a great blogger is like buying the right pair of shoes; some might look good on the surface, but once you try them on for size, issues can arise. Two writers with similar experience or backgrounds may be markedly different, just like two pairs of shoes of the same size from the same brand.

Of course, it’s easier to remedy the situation of buying the wrong shoes. It’s not as easy to remedy the problem of hiring the wrong blogger for your company.

And in today’s world, there are a lot of bad bloggers who haven’t developed the skills necessary for success. Being a great blog writer isn’t only about understanding grammar and writing; an understanding of digital strategy and your business model is necessary, too.

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