A Skimmable How-To Blog Post Template Readers Will Love


The How-to blog post is for the person or company that has expertise to share. If you’re a business, guess what? You have expertise to share. How-to blog posts are not for serial marketers or false prophets because this type of blog post is about real, legitimate, valuable, high-quality content that you don’t find coming from people without experience.

Search Engine Optimization — How to Keep Your Lovingly-Crafted Content Alive


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.” — Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi What is it that drives you; that nips at the parts of your soul exposed, and propels your world into action? For me, it’s progression. The recognition of the path I’m walking, as the consistent gradient grows more angled. Legacy publishers […]

How to Write White Papers in a Pinch Using Recycled Content


White papers serve as amazing promotional materials for businesses. Have you ever wondered how to write white papers of your own? White papers allow companies to share their knowledge and expertise with their target audiences. Often, these white papers are offered in exchange for a valid email address. The audience gets to learn about the […]

Content Recycling: The Power of Search Engine Re-optimization


How we’ve used content recycling and SEO re-optimization to boost traffic 14% with no new content I’ve been working in content marketing for nearly a decade, and there’s always something new to learn. Building audiences organically through search engines and social media is constantly changing, particularly in the realm of search engine optimization. As a quick primer […]

The Best Blog Titles are Honest


I’ll be honest with you. This post is not about how to cut shapes into your bananas while hanging out with your imaginary friends. Although the image above might have you excited to learn. We’re all about visual storytelling, so one of the benefits of working at BuzzFarmers is that we have illustrators. That means we have […]