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Chris Sturk is our trusted manager of all things wordy. For several years, Chris was the Managing Editor of Mequoda, where he edited and wrote thousands of articles and white papers about best-practice blogging and search engine optimization. Prior to joining Mequoda, Chris was the marketing manager of a boutique lifestyle marketing firm focused in the music and entertainment industries and based in Rhode Island

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The Needs of Every Startup Marketing Blog

We’ve worked with a myriad of clients to create blogs and social media strategies that help them market their business. We’re able to transcend the gap between industries because we understand all the components for a startup marketing blog. After all, we’ve been through the process many times.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the components that a startup marketing blog must have. We’re also going to take a look at a few startup blogs.

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How to Write White Papers in a Pinch Using Recycled Content

White papers serve as amazing promotional materials for businesses. Have you ever wondered how to write white papers of your own?

White papers allow companies to share their knowledge and expertise with their target audiences. Often, these white papers are offered in exchange for a valid email address. The audience gets to learn about the company through the white paper, and the company that offers the white paper is able to build a database of email subscribers for future communication.

White papers are a perfect example of content marketing, because the audience is able to familiarize themselves with the company before deciding whether or not they want to spend their money.

We write papers for our clients all the time, so let’s run through the two most effective strategies.

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Successful Businesses Define Content Marketing by Trust & Quality

To define content marketing, one must start with the fact that it has changed the business world forever.

Why? Because content marketing isn’t about the trickery, lies, and overinflation so often used in traditional marketing.

We define content marketing as a process of thoroughly informing your audience who you are and what you do by providing them with great articles, stories, and ideas This is often done through a collection of posts. More in-depth products, like white papers, podcasts, or video content, are also given away by savvy content marketers. Most do so by offering the information product in exchange for an email address.

If this isn’t how the marketers you know define content marketing, well, they probably aren’t real content marketers. They’re marketers in content marketers’ clothing. Content marketing is about the content and the audience before it’s about selling products.

You give away content for free to prove you’re worth buying from.

Customers and clients want a sense of a person or organization before investing their money. Content marketing is about creating these relationships, and offering paid products afterward. Any company seeking to define content marketing in any other way is heading in the wrong direction.

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Cool Blog Titles for Company Blogs We Like (and Some We Don’t)

If you’re in charge of creating or managing your company blog, are you using cool blog titles or something boring?

Most business people know that creativity is important, but it isn’t necessarily top of mind in all endeavors. After all, business-as-usual and creativity aren’t exactly aligned.

Companies started looking at blogs differently once e-commerce and blogging became revenue streams. In this vein, the creative side of business became more important than ever before. Companies could take to their blogs to share stories, news, and product information without having to spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.

Today we’re going to take a look at some companies that use cool blog titles to create a sense of personality while communicating something about their brand. Ultimately, cool blog titles still need to stay true to a brand’s mission, but the creativity behind it will help stick in people’s minds … and hopefully get them to continue visiting.

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Blog Writers For Hire: Finding a Creative/Marketing Hybrid

When seeking blog writers for hire, look for someone who has more than just a way with words.

Hiring a great blogger is like buying the right pair of shoes; some might look good on the surface, but once you try them on for size, issues can arise. Two writers with similar experience or backgrounds may be markedly different, just like two pairs of shoes of the same size from the same brand.

Of course, it’s easier to remedy the situation of buying the wrong shoes. It’s not as easy to remedy the problem of hiring the wrong blogger for your company.

And in today’s world, there are a lot of bad bloggers who haven’t developed the skills necessary for success. Being a great blog writer isn’t only about understanding grammar and writing; an understanding of digital strategy and your business model is necessary, too.

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The Greatest Business Benefits of Blogging Aren’t Business As Usual

Blahty blahty blah blah, business benefits of blogging, blahty blah, cliche, cliche, cliche – sounds familiar?

Have you read one, or two, or eleven articles already this year discussing the business benefits of blogging? Of course you have. They’re everywhere. These articles often include lists of blogging best practices that make blogging feel stiff. Like a corporation. It’s all about guidelines, and layers of approval, it’s about protecting your brand, rather than humanizing it.

In turn, the business benefits of blogging become minimal; the process leans towards the ‘business-as-usual’ mindset while boxing the writer in.

The true business benefits of blogging come from encouraging business owners and employees to share their stories and show their expertise. Storytelling sells. When you create a personal connection with your audience just by being human, your words and enthusiasm become your greatest marketing tool.

SEO and all that come into play too, but the story comes first.

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Lesson, Plan: Why Use Case Studies on Your Business Blog?

Good case studies are packed with valuable information.

Deep analysis is hardwired into any well-crafted case study. Research, comparisons, and interviews are conducted, and a body of knowledge is shared – which is especially wonderful when you’re the reader!

So, why use case studies in your business blog content? In other words, why be the writer? Because they go beyond the editorial slant that’s typically taken. They give a detailed snapshot of a company, a campaign, or an individual idea, and then not only supply findings, but also provide takeaways. They’re valuable – not only for the reader, but also for you.

Case studies are one of our favorite ways to deliver content on the BuzzFarmers blog. We get to learn a lot in the process of putting them together, and then we’re able to share those lessons with other small businesses. We also compile them for our B2B clients, of course.

In today’s digital world, case studies take on a whole new set of powers. With the ability to forge connections online that wasn’t readily available to writers and researchers in print, savvy digital publishers and digital marketers are using case studies to both inform their audiences and build relationships.

Why use case studies? Let’s take a look at three big reasons.

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Keep Your Blog’s Fire Burning by Repurposing Content

The “set it and forget it” mentality has no place in business blogging.

There’s a lot of value in the content you share with the world. If you’ve taken the time to craft it – with quality, accuracy, research, and relevance – you must get the most out of it.

Below, we’ll take a look at a few different ways to maximize the staying power of your posts. Repurposing content keeps it vital and drives traffic to your website for months and years instead of days and weeks. This means sustained – and even additional – revenue generated from your oldies but goodies.

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New to Content Creation? Start With a Business Blog Style Guide!

If you’re a startup or an established company expanding editorial operations and committing resources to an original content campaign, producing an internal blog style guide is one of the first projects you’ll undertake.

A blog style guide allows you to put your plans into action with efficiency, consistency, and all sorts of other “-cies” that will standardize your workflow and showcase the brains behind your brand. It will also empower your writers and build quality control into each and every post you present to consumers who have found your website via search and social.

Let’s take a look at the components your blog style guide will include.

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Blog Optimization: An SEO Primer for Beginners

If you don’t have a strong working knowledge of blog optimization, you’ll have a hard time getting ranked in search engines.

By now, many businesses understand that SEO is a major audience development strategy used by digital publishers, organic digital marketers, and any website owner that recognizes the potential in search. As an SEO writer, I’ve seen up close the positive results of utilizing a comprehensive SEO strategy. This has included numerous page one rankings for keywords that I’ve researched for BuzzFarmers clients looking for a boost in traffic – and, more importantly, customer conversions.

Are you struggling with how to SEO a blog post? Don’t stress! Let’s take a look at some of the rules for optimizing your digital content. Think of it as an SEO primer, with this very post serving as a great example!

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