The Best Blog Titles are Honest


I’ll be honest with you. This post is not about how to cut shapes into your bananas while hanging out with your imaginary friends. Although the image above might have you excited to learn. We’re all about visual storytelling, so one of the benefits of working at BuzzFarmers is that we have illustrators. That means we have […]

How to Write a Blog Post Like Jimi Hendrix


It goes without saying that Jimi Hendrix was before his time. His playing style birthed a new form of rock and roll, and numerous sub-genres from it. His ability was uncanny, and it flowed throughout his body. Remember, this is a man who played his guitar behind his head and with his teeth and tongue. A man who played a right-handed guitar turned upside down, and strung for lefties.

Blog Voice Is a Big Choice


Does your blog voice make you stand out from a crowd? What do Johnny Cash, Tupac Shakur, and Sarah Brightman have in common? They all have remarkably identifiable voices. If a song by one of these artists were to come on at a restaurant, it would be easy to pick out the vocalist. Not only is their […]