Should Your Blog Reading Level Be About 8th Grade?

blog reading level

Do you know your blog reading level? Your blog reading level is the metric that tells you how easy or difficult your blog is to read. It can be increased or decreased by punctuation, wordiness, character count, and choice of words. Writing at a simple blog reading level isn’t to insult anyone’s intelligence, it simply helps […]

10 Business Blogging Best Practices: A BuzzFarmers Special Edition Bonanza


First off, don’t freak out. You might see this impressive roundup of our favorite recent business blogging best practices posts below and say something along the lines of … “As much as I’d benefit, there’s no way I can read all of that right now … I’m just one person … but it’s probably a […]

5 Social Media Netiquette Tips to Help You Connect Instead of Annoy


If you’re going to use Twitter, Facebook, and other networks as a part of your original content campaign – and you must! – do it right with these social media netiquette standards. Fact: The world’s all-time-great master of manners had the last name “Post.” Coincidence? No way. “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings […]