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For more than a decade we developed editorial, search, and social strategy
for major magazine publishers.

Now we do it for brands, products and service companies. Because you need it.
And you deserve great content that drives a jillion times more
traffic, customers and sales than a darn homepage.

Start with a BuzzAudit. Then, if you let us, we'll also develop that content for you.

What’s a BuzzAudit?

A BuzzAudit will tell you who your customers are on the web, what they search for, and what they want you to write about.

Content Consult

You tell us what we need to know.
Then we'll return the favor.

Blog Personas

Identify who is most likely to search for
and buy your product online.

Product Audit

Connect the dots from products to the
best type of related blog content.

Niche Keyword Ideas

Research keywords your personas are looking for
+ identify those with the least competition.

SEO'd Post Title Ideas

Develop a month+ of search-optimized blog
headlines you can use to start developing content.

Copy & Paste Calls to Action

Turning blog readers into buyers through calls-to-action
written by a professional copywriter.

Editorial Calendar Templates

Plan ahead, using our three editorial calendars
you can customize based on style and frequency.

Blog Post Templates

Give your editors structure, even if you encourage
them to write outside the lines sometimes.

Social Media Formulas

Promote your articles using more than a dozen
social media formulas that you can recycle for 12 months.

Plugin Recommendations

Ensure your content has everything in place
for optimal SEO and social promotion.

BuzzFarmers Membership

If you want to join our merry band of brands-gone-publishers,
our team is at your beck and call.

Step One


Comprehensive content marketing plans that include customer personas, keyword research, blog templates, social media templates, recommendations and a month’s worth of SEO-optimized blog titles. We offer this as a one-time purchase and a monthly subscription.

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Step Two

Content Development

After your BuzzAudit, if you love what you see, but don’t have the resources to move forward (or just want to get it off your plate), we offer three different monthly packages. Every month we work with you to develop an editorial calendar and will research, write, optimize, edit, publish and promote the content every month.

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Step Three


BuzzFarmers clients have access to à la carte items in addition to their monthly packages. This includes ongoing email marketing, custom illustrations for their blog posts, monthly white papers and other customizations.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

"BuzzFarmers is an exceptional content marketing team that is data-driven, experimental, and flexible. Since working with them, we've seen blog traffic surge around keywords that are particularly competitive."

- Elizabeth Ducoff, Swipely

"They are among some of the hardest working people I've worked with and their
dedication and commitment shows through in every bit of work they produce."

- Kim Mateus, Mequoda

"Their expert and practical technology voice is one that
executives would do well to heed."

- Tom Vick, Natural Health Advisory

"They sowed, we reaped!"

- Judy Hagan, Healthcare Resources Online

" Instead of presenting a rigid system, they are flexible about
working our editorial style into a successful model."

- Noah Wiener, Biblical Archaeology Society

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