The Best Places to Work in RI When You Need to Get Out of the Office

BuzzFarmers at Blue Kangaroo in Rhode Island

Sometimes you have to stretch your legs and find some new scenery as a writer. Here in the BuzzFarmers office, we’ve found that working remotely part-time motivates and challenges us to be better writers. Sometimes we prefer to spend that remote working time in our own homes and other times we like to get out and try new places, or even unplug and work outdoors.

What is Working Remotely, Anyway? Here’s How We Do It Twice a Week


Why and how we work remotely at BuzzFarmers on Tuesdays and Thursdays On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I wake up, get ready for work and drive toward our beautiful office in Pawtucket, Rhode Island from my house in Southeastern, Massachusetts. But, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I roll out of bed, grab my laptop and check my work […]

The Best Places to Write & Work Outdoors in Rhode Island


Places for meditative zen writing experiences in the Ocean State The BuzzFarmers team spans the great state of Rhode Island, into southern and western MA. Of course, our work expands beyond these boundaries, as we have clients all over the country. Some of these clients expect highly creative content from us, while others have a more structured, strategic work relationships. […]