Places for meditative zen writing experiences in the Ocean State

The BuzzFarmers team spans the great state of Rhode Island, into southern and western MA. Of course, our work expands beyond these boundaries, as we have clients all over the country. Some of these clients expect highly creative content from us, while others have a more structured, strategic work relationships.

Either way, as writers and editors for hire, we’re put into a position where we’re expected to deliver on the written goods. And sometimes inspiration is a key component to delivering to our best ability.

This is why I often turn to the concept of zen writing in my life.

To me, zen isn’t about a thing, a religion or any type of dogma. Zen is about presence and awareness. It’s about an intuitive energy that comes in meditative states. One does not need to be a practicing Buddhist to feel the experience of zen.

Zen writing exemplifies the qualities of being aware, of acting in the “now.” In this reality of deadlines, traffic jams, and societal constraint, if can often be hard to find those places of zen, as our nerves are tried again and again by external conditions.

Today I’m sharing some areas in Rhode Island that have served as meditative refuges for my writing career throughout the years, I found many of the prime locations in Rhode Island while living there for eight years, and the rest of the BuzzFarmers have preference toward these spots as well. Now that I’m a resident of western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley, I still recall the list of outdoor locations where I went to write and unplug, while charging myself, mind, body and soul. And now you can too.

Colt State Park

via Roger Deetz on FLickr

via Roger Deetz on Flickr

The Ocean State delivers on coastal beauty and hidden gems of wooded delight.

If you’re ever in the east bay and feeling the need for some natural rejuvenation, take a trip down to Colt State Park in Bristol. The park’s 464 acres consists of six picnic groves, housing over 400 picnic tables in total. These picnic tables are perfect places for writing, or you can take a spot amongst the fruit trees and look out at the Narragansett Bay for some momentary peace.

Newport Public Library Lawn

via Newport Public Library RI on Flickr

via Newport Public Library RI on Flickr

When I lived in Newport, I felt Newport County was the epitome of summertime; the beaches, boats, events, and the tourists made it a happening place to say the least.

I was fortunately able to find some peaceful writing spots, even with everything going on. Outside the Newport Public Library was one such location. During the warm months the grass was green, comfortable, and fairly uninhabited. It’s also a good place to write with a wi-fi connection, as most places on the lawn were still able to connect to the Internet.

Beavertail State Park

via Clara S. on Flickr

via Clara S. on Flickr

In Newport County with a desire to get a little more unplugged? Beavertail State Park should do the trick. Located in Jamestown, the park offers beautiful coastline vistas that attract people from all over. You could park your car and overlook the rocky coasts while working for a bit. You could also take your writing to the rocks, set up next to some fishermen or the lighthouse, and go for a hike when you’re finished.

Wilbour Woods                             

One of the more obscure, yet obscenely beautiful green spaces in Rhode Island has to the Wilbour Woods in Little Compton. I can’t exactly tell you how to get there, but consider yourself lucky if you’re able to find this little enchanted forest. A stream gently meanders through the area, as primitive ovens mark picnic areas. The woods are filled with life, from explosions of green plant life to birds and bullfrogs.

Historically, Awashonks, the female chief of the Sakonnet tribe, lived in the area of Wilbour Woods during the 1600s. After spending a few hours on the land, you’ll understand why communities settled there.

Goosewing Beach Preserve

If you go out searching for Wilbour Woods and can’t find the destination, you can proceed further down the road in Little Compton to Goosewing Beach Preserve. This 75-acre beach preserve is special because it houses breeding populations of piping plover, which are globally-rare birds. If you love peaceful rocky beaches where you can watch surfers drift among the waves between writing sessions, then Goosewing is the destination for you.

Re-charge at Black Goose Café

BuzzFarmers hanging at the Black Goose.

A few BuzzFarmers getting some vitamin D and working from the Black Goose.

In case you’re out in the Tiverton/Little Compton area searching for places to write and recharge, and you require a plug to continue your work, check out the Black Goose Café in Tiverton. This quick coffee or food locale has a quaint seating area that overlooks the Mt. Hope Bay, providing picturesque scenario for your trip.

Zen writing can happen anywhere, depending upon your level of attunement. Natural locations make it easier for us to connect, accessing our higher selves and our deepest abilities.

These are our favorites, now share yours! Do you have additional outside spots in Rhode Island to unplug and work? Where’s your favorite spot for zen writing or working? Leave a comment and let us know!

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