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Has Your Well of Business Blog Ideas Dried Up?

Here are 30+ more to fill the blog idea bucket!

Every morning, I wake up with a to-do list that typically includes coming up with new business blog ideas and writing anywhere between one and five new blog posts. If the number is five, it’s probably because I only wrote one the day before. Brains need re-charging, you know?

In my past life, I was the managing editor for one daily online publication where I cooked up a new in-depth blog post every day. I thought that was difficult. Now that I’m managing quite a few different blogs for our clients, coming up with one idea a day seems like a breeze.

My point is that I have lots of ideas for blogs posts, and it’s kind of a hobby now. I spent a lot of time teaching the mega publishers what to do with their abundant amount of content that is still yet to be digitized, but certainly they have an advantage – lots and lots of content.

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Hidden Gem! Well-Maintained! Must See! 9 Real Estate Blog Ideas That Will Help Clients Find Your Company

Do those terms look familiar?

If you’ve ever moved, then you’ve seen them.

If you’ve ever sold a home or helped someone sell a home, then you’ve made sure that someone’s seen them.

They’re three of the most popular phrases that appear in real estate listings, and they’ve held on to their position at the top of the charts since the dawn of real estate itself.

In fact, I suspect that even single-cell organisms used phrases like these to advertise spots in the primordial ooze (Won’t Last Long!) when they needed to net their equity before upgrading to a cozy micron of coveted oceanfront property.

The phrases are popular because, historically, they’ve worked.

Home buyers and renters, of course, are looking for Charming Cottages.

They’re looking for Plenty of Storage.

They’re looking for Breakfast Nooks.

They have an image of their dream house, and when they see aspects of it articulated with enthusiasm and apparent legitimacy, they pounce – out of excitement or desperation or the fear that someone else will find it first. Or all three, more often than not.

But real estate has come a long way since the competing classifieds sections of the Pangaea Gazette and the Big Bang Bugler. Have you checked out Craigslist lately? Talk about a cesspool. That scene would blow a single-cell organism’s mind.

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Twitter Fun With Local Writers

This month, we had a bunch of wonderful people interview for new jobs at BuzzFarmers. Most recently, I asked our top candidates to submit three writing samples (paid, thankyouverymuch), one of which focusing on Twitter. As you might know, I run the site, and thought this would be a good chance to test their content on a real live platform while learning more about the writer.

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Why Grammar Nazis Are the Worst

Your angry tweet about a typo was spelled perfectly and had impeccable grammar, but unfortunately you’re an idiot.

I’ve said in the past that blog comments are the quarters in a blogger’s tip jar, but leaving a comment about a typo or grammar is like tipping your waiter with a booger.

Someone who truly cares about grammar, spelling, and human beings in general will email the blogger privately when they spot an error. This is the type of person who wants to help a writer avoid embarrassing themselves, not the type of bully who wants to be the one to do the embarrassing.

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Who’s Really Reading Your Blog?

When most people hear that we “blog” for a living, they think of homespun bloggers posting recipes and ranting about our kids and yoga sessions. No, really, somebody actually said that once.

Personal blogs are great, but in today’s digital environment, blogs are used differently, particularly when used by small businesses and professional service providers. Blogs are now some of the most reliable audience development tools for people who understand how to maximize this wonderful platform.

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Startup Blogs: The Non-Crappy Approach to SEO and Social Media

Illustrated by Sarah Steenland

Let’s be honest … most approaches to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media, when executed by a business, are a little crappy. Spammy, even.

Me, me, me, buy, buy, buy, sign up, sign up, sign up, beta, beta, beta, crap, crap, crap.

There are a few startup gems out there, and we all know who they are, because people adore them: Wistia. Hubspot. Buffer. 37Signals. Moz.

Most often, these gems also have startup blogs. Non-crappy startup blogs, in fact, which makes SEO easy and social media a breeze.

So, let’s talk about why.

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Why Every Startup Should Have a Blog

Illustrated by Sarah Steenland

One of my favorite startup stories is of Scott Heiferman, co-founder and CEO of Meetup. He had carried fancy titles at companies like Sony and never thought he’d be getting into the game of a startup that fostered a local community. That is, until September 11 happened, and he found himself living in New York surrounded by neighbors whom he didn’t know and who didn’t have a good tool to assimilate.

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Evergreen Content Is Your Greatest SEO Tool

Illustrated by Patrick Yurick

There’s nothing I hate more than wasted content.

And if you’re publishing blog posts once and never refreshing or re-promoting them, then you’re wasting content. You’re wasting money, too!

We manage several blogs for our clients. Several of those blogs have thousands of blog posts. For our larger clients, like magazine publishers, the majority of content was written before we met. For the startups we work with, most were written by us.

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How to Bring the SEO Swagger Back Into Old Articles

Refill the SEO juice on your old articles by using a six-month plan to refresh them on Twitter.

Illustrated by David Flanagan

I’ve been working with Mequoda, a marketing, training, and web development company for magazine publishers, for more than seven years.

One of the things I love about them, and one of the reasons why we’ve gotten to work with the likes of publishers like Men’s Health and Time Inc., is because they are so incredibly research-, testing-, and numbers-driven. The number of reports that Mequoda pulls together on a daily and monthly basis would make your head spin. Everything they design, and every piece of content they/we write is so expertly thought out and measured, that it’s no wonder their clients sing them from the rooftops. Mequoda events are filled with the most passionate business leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure of surrounding myself with. And those people attend year after year because Mequoda makes publishers rich on a regular basis. Seriously.

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Five Signs of an Unconfident Blogger

Illustration by Nick Palazzo

If you’re a self-loathing blogger, then you probably don’t want anyone to read your work. It’s awful, terrible, the worst thing anyone has ever read! Because of this, you don’t SEO your blog posts (nobody’s looking for them anyway!), and if anyone does in fact find your blog posts, you want to send them away as soon as possible.

If your goal in blogging is to not make money, to not get shared, to not drive web traffic, and to drive web visitors away, then a great way to stay out of the spotlight is to send visitors in the opposite direction from your blog as soon as possible. We’ve seen lots of bloggers do this, usually not on purpose, and we’ve also been misguided to do this by clients, too.

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