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A Small Business Saturday Roadtrip With BuzzFarmers

Illustrated by Patrick Yurick

Leave a comment: If you shopped local, did you find what you were looking for? How did it compare to getting trampled at a Walmart Black Friday sale?

Every year, we boycott Black Friday and spend all of our holiday dollars on Small Business Saturday, instead.

Small Business Saturday is a campaign started by American Express that helps small businesses stake a public claim in between the madness of Black Friday and the online deals of Cyber Monday. Last year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, more than 100 million people walked through the doors of small businesses nationwide.

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A Weekly Adventure in R.I. Weiners + Ice Cream

There’s this little thing called work/life balance we’re trying to figure out here at BuzzFarmers. So, in an effort to take some mandatory breaks, we’ve instituted R.I. Weiners + Ice Cream Fridays.

There were absolutely zero catchy names I could think of, so let’s just go with it.

If you’re not a Rhode Islander, you might not understand our love for R.I. weiners, which aren’t just hot dogs with a sexy name and represented by hilarious neon signs that say “hot weiners.”

No – they’re so much more. Wikipedia says it best, although they’re the only ones spelling it with an i before the e around here:

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A Pizza Roadtrip by BuzzFarmers: #PizzaCrawl

One of the things we like to do, as you might have seen from our Small Business Saturday post, is support local businesses. On the business side of things, our services are so all-inclusive and hand-crafted that it’s not economical for most small businesses to hire us on a monthly basis. They also don’t really need the level of management and research that we provide.

And I know it doesn’t seem fair that we write for Swipely’s Small Business Blog, research the hell out of small business marketing tactics, and don’t offer a service specifically for small businesses. While we are working on that, we also spend a lot of time exchanging an exorbitant amount of emails with small business owners who are just looking for advice. I never understood charging by the hour for things like that, anyway.

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