How to Write White Papers in a Pinch Using Recycled Content


White papers serve as amazing promotional materials for businesses. Have you ever wondered how to write white papers of your own? White papers allow companies to share their knowledge and expertise with their target audiences. Often, these white papers are offered in exchange for a valid email address. The audience gets to learn about the […]

What Is Voice in Writing, and How Can You Find Yours?

finding your voice

What is voice? In writing, voice is the style or personality of the writer or narrator. But that’s not the whole story. I’m a conversationalist. By that, I mean that I thrive on connections, and if I’m telling you a story, I want it to feel as if I’m talking to one of my closest […]

Storytelling Marketing: Creative Writing in Blogging and Business


Start with storytelling: Marketing follows naturally. Once upon a time in a land far, far away lived a young, fair maiden who dreamed of a life far more enchanting. Like any courageous maiden, she fled the confines of her castle to explore the world around her. She met mysterious strangers – some she grew to […]

Loyalty: The True Long Tail of Social Media

long tail of social media

Loyalty, the long tail of social media, is more valuable than a one-shot purchase. I could have bought a single pack of marshmallows from Wondermade from a single link they sent out right away. Instead, I bought myself a few boxes a couple months later. Then a month later, I sent out a few boxes more as gifts. For Christmas, I’m thinking about sending them out to clients. All based on a single Instagram photo.