Gyms, apps, running shoes, books, video, supplements, energy bars, massage therapy, wearable tech, workout clothes, and … yes … Shake Weights.

Fitness is an industry.

And there are thousands upon thousands of businesses competing for segments of segments of still more segments in that industry. If you’re a startup or a company struggling to stand out and stay profitable, you might feel on some days like you’d find more success making some cash by entering the Mr. Universe pageant or Strongwoman World Championships.

Don’t do it. You’ll embarrass yourself and all of your loved ones. Invest in your blog instead. Much less pain and much more gain. How, you ask? Well, we don’t have any before and after photos, but read on for something even better.

10 Fitness Blog Ideas

We’re spotting you 10 fitness blog ideas to get started. As with reps on weights and the incline on a treadmill, ramp up your activity as your comfort level and capabilities increase. These keywords – marked in red – and others like them will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you … if you’re willing to put in the hard work researching them. As always, make sure you’re writing about subjects that consumers are looking for!

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1. Create a Give and Take

Title: Knowing When to Replace Your Running Shoes

Suggested Call to Action: “We love when our customers come around for another lap, but there’s a problem if you’re buying a new pair of running shoes every week. Let’s take a look at knowing when to replace your running shoes.”

Mizuno USA is generous with this epic, comprehensive blog post on running shoe maintenance, which serves as a guide for extending the life of your kicks. The longer they last, the better the company looks, and the more likely customers are to come back for another pair – even if it takes a while. Content like this earns the trust of customers – whose loyalty depends on a relationship with your brand – and makes them feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck. It also attracts new customers.


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 2. Infographics Can Tell Your Story

Title: Smart Gym Equipment: A Must-Have in the Mobile Age

Suggested Call to Action: “Are your ellipticals and treadmills compatible with your members’ iPhones and Androids? Ours are. Check out this state of the art smart gym equipment – and our new infographic showing how important it is.”

This flawless infographic from equipment manufacturer Life Fitness works in both a B2C and B2B context, and is effective in proving the need for their product while steering clear of a direct sales pitch. An impressive post that, within its content, literally sets the company apart from its competition. If you’re a gym in the market for new machines with wifi and other features, chances are you’re leaving Life Fitness’s website with an estimated delivery date, because they told their story so skillfully.


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3. Whose Side Are You On?

Title: Fall Fitness Tips for the Seasonally Challenged

Suggested Call to Action: “The days are shorter and the nights are colder, but there’s no off-season for staying in shape. Follow these fall fitness tips to maintain your routine.”

Popular wearable tech accessories from Fitbit help users more closely monitor their daily activities, and fitness blog ideas like this one provide free advice about those activities while also finding room to tout the company’s latest products. The aim for Fitbit is to become a reliable part of their customers’ lives – through highs and lows, thick and thin, rain or shine – and original content like this keeps them connected with current users, as well as consumers looking for solutions to problems. When your product already has broad appeal, good niche keywords (this phrase is searched more than 800 times a year on average) can expand your base incrementally.


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4. Educate and Show Expertise

Title: Resistance Training Exercises for Women: Get the Facts

Suggested Call to Action: “Attention trainers: With the busy gym season starting, brush up on the best practices for resistance training exercises for women.”

ACE is a professional development and educational resource for those in the personal fitness business. Their B2B blog must reflect that they’re staying ahead of the curve with the latest news, trends, and standards.


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5. Stick With Your Strengths

Title: Tried and True Cardio Music: Top 10 Songs

Suggested Call to Action: “You can’t go wrong with my favorite and most inspiring cardio music. Here’s my top 10 – will you share yours?”

Trainer, chef, instructor, and author Gina Harney’s puts on a clinic when it comes to carving out a niche and establishing yourself as a thought leader. Her expertise and personality shine through every aspect of the website, and her heartfelt and high-quality blog drives sales of her books and DVDs by showcasing her own preferences. When you are the brand, the possibilities for your content are unlimited.

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6. Build Your Community

Title: CrossFit Protein Supplements to Fuel Your Sessions

Suggested Call to Action: “Our members came together to crowd-source the best and worst CrossFit protein supplements. Check out our findings here, and join us for our next orientation on January 5.”

CrossFit Boston keeps it local but still provides useful knowledge for web searchers – and current members, of course – looking for the latest recommendations on workout nutrition within a niche. This keyword is a strong one: Upward of 5,000 searches a year, with just 3,510 competing pages. In a big region like New England with a lot of long commutes, those kind of numbers could generate more than a little new business.


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7.  Tips and How-Tos Make You Indispensable

Title: The Best Stretches for Runners Looking for More Flexibility

Suggested Call to Action: “Is yoga the answer to your running woes? Can it cut calories, too? Mix these best stretches for runners into your daily regimen and find out.”

MyFitnessPal, like Fitbit, wants to be a part of everyone’s everyday routine. Its function is to help users track their dietary intake and set weight-loss goals. Fitness blog ideas like this one show current customers the company’s versatility and convince potential ones to give the app a try.


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8. You Need to Feel Needed

Title: How to Avoid Exercise Fads With the Right Equipment

Suggested Call to Action: “We can’t help you with Tae Bo videos, but we can equip you with the essential tools for sensible and consistent workouts. Leave the exercise fads for the infomercials. Start with our kettle bells and see results in weeks. ”

Through a thoughtful and relevant post, Australian company Orbit Fitness Equipment highlights a need and deftly explains how their products can satisfy it. This is Sales 101, but with original content you get a better foothold, because you can show – instead of simply telling – your audience why you’re so awesome.


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9. Integrate Your Brand Narrative

Title: How to Make Working Out Fun Again

Suggested Call to Action: “We built our company on the belief that each person’s approach to physical fitness is unique, and that you don’t have to ‘get serious’ to get in shape. Look at how active children are! Are you trying to figure out how to make working out fun again? We can help.”

Home Workout Challenge sells its program as a package for folks who can’t, won’t, or don’t want to go to the gym. Their blog content fosters a niche subculture around this idea, and introduces a social element for customers. This particular post aligns itself with the company’s identity and mission, and goes a long way in marketing their brand without being too commercial.


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10. Establish Yourself as the Key Ingredient

Title: Our Recipe for the Best Post-Workout Drink

Suggested Call to Action: “We can’t offer you a cold beer, but we can share our secret formula for the best post-workout drink for your body and taste buds. It’s made of only the finest ingredients – our supplements.”

This informative post from Labrada Nutrition features a handful of links to their various products, but, again, it doesn’t feel pushy, forced, or corny. It’s another example of fitness blog ideas jibing naturally with inventory.


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.42.46 PM

Just like a gym membership or personal regimen can help us get stronger and healthier, these fitness blog ideas will invigorate your website. You’ll probably even have people walk up to you and say, “Wow, your website looks 10 years younger – I hardly recognize it!” Well-researched keywords and quality original content will help you convert casual visitors into loyal customers within months.

Do you have a fitness-related business? Do you have a blog that’s working well for you? If so, let us know about it in the comments! If not, give us a call or send us an email with any questions.

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