Where Have Amanda’s Hands Been?


Here’s a story on Creative Commons Images, and how they can make your hands famous… Recently I told you that using free images online might get you sued. Did I scare you? I didn’t mean to, but I understand if I made you nervous. I get nervous when I think about all the awesome company blogs […]

Meet One of the World’s Best Office Dogs, and Founder of the “Daily Growl”: Napa!

photo 2

During our weekly racquetball game, when I first asked Napa MacArthur-Hughes if I could interview him about his job at BuzzFarmers, he instructed me to make an appointment with our office manager, Mary, explaining that his responsibilities as housecarl and one of the world’s busiest office dogs are so demanding that he can’t keep track […]

Small but Strong: The Benefits of Supporting Local Business


Do you shop locally? We do. You’ll notice in various posts on our blog that shopping local and supporting small local businesses is important to us. Back in March, Amanda and Patrick walked into our new office in the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, R.I., with a blank canvas. The floors were rugged with history of the […]