“Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise.”  – CNN

This is why we are sharing blog post ideas for a standing desk company. We’ll save the world!

The chance of death is 100%. There really is no way around it, unless you are a vampire. Or Keith Richards. If anyone can skip out on dying, it is probably him.

CNN has a point, though. Sitting all day, every day at a desk job is just bad for you. Beyond your health, sitting for hours at a time decreases your energy and focus.

Here at the Lantern office, we love our standing work table. It’s like a standing desk, only more communal. At least one of us is standing at any point during the day, and we head to the standing desk for meetings and brainstorming sessions, as well.

Standing at work

Putting together blog post ideas for a standing desk company was born of our love for standing at work. I’ve gathered some keywords (in red) that are researched, vetted, and yours to use. Those keywords are included in potential blog post titles, along with a suggested call to action – also yours to use. (Aren’t we nice! Doesn’t it just make you want to hire us?)

And, yes, you need a call to action. You don’t have to convince us that writing a blog is fun, but if you are blogging for business, your ultimate goal is to make a sale. It doesn’t need to be a hard sell- in fact, we’re not big fans of that. But you do need to make it clear that you are in the business of making money.

A keyword primer before you begin working with those blog post ideas

Let’s start with a quick keyword primer. A keyword is what you type into the Google search bar when you want to find something. If I am interested in a standing desk, then I would search for any number of phrases associated with standing desks. If I don’t know about standing desks yet, I might just be searching about how to sit better at work, and voila, a helpful standing desk blog shows up. Maybe now I need a standing desk! Those are the red words in the titles below.

To make it more realistic, how did you find this post? Were you searching for blog post ideas for a standing desk company? If I’ve done my job well, that is one possible way you’ve made it here.

Why keywords matter to you

Why does it matter what you use? Strong keywords can land you on the first page of a Google search. That sounds great, right? But what does that mean in numbers?

In one of the examples below, there are 2,400 people each month that search for this specific keyword phrase, and not many competing pages. If your blog post gets on the first page of a Google search for that phrase, statistics suggest that your website could get up to 2,100 visitors through that one post. That is over 25,000 people each year that will be checking out your standing desk company website.

If one of those people happens to be buying new office furniture for a large company, you are looking at some serious cash flow.

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So now, without further ado, I present to you…

10 blog post ideas for a standing desk company

 6_01_standingdesk_benefits_revise 1. Focus on benefits

Title: 5 Standing Desk Benefits That will Change your Life

Suggested Call to Action: “Do your employees sit all day? Talk to us about the ways a standing desk could benefit your company—from fewer sick days to employee retention.”

In their blog, Nextdesk does a great job of sharing the benefits of standing at work without being pushy or salesy. In fact, their blog, while obviously geared toward standing desks, has an overarching theme of health and wellness.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

6_02_standingdesk_solutions2. Offer solutions

Title: Working Standing Up Is Good for your Back

Suggested Call to Action: “There’s a reason your mother told you to sit up straight. Poor posture can lead to all kinds of health problems. The solution? Variety. Switching regularly from working sitting down to working standing up is good for your back, your neck, your spirit, and your productivity. Call us to find out more.”

The Rebel Desk blog doesn’t just talk about back pain, they give you a solution. One, of course, is a standing desk, but where Rebel Desk really succeeds is by offering solutions you can implement right now. Blog posts include stretches to relieve back pain, ideas for working more efficiently, and some nice team building ideas.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

6_03_standingdesk_naysayers3. Challenge the naysayers

Title: Is it Bad to Work Standing Up?

Suggested Call to Action: “It’s not too hard to find articles online telling you how bad it is to work standing up. What many of these articles fail to realize is that most standing desks give you the ability to move from sitting to standing on a regular basis. It’s not sitting that is bad for your health, or standing. It’s not moving. Get in touch to learn the truth about standing at work and how we can help.”

Varidesk ventures into territory that some blogs haven’t been willing to tackle, like the stories of standing at work being bad for your health. (I know—damned if you do, damned if you don’t). Just make sure if you take this approach, you have some good evidence to back up your claim.

standing desk company blog ideas

6_04_standingdesk_moneysaving4. Share money saving ideas

Title: How a Standing Work Desk Can Save You Money

Suggested Call to Action: “Every business wants to save money. A standing work desk will help you increase productivity, decrease sick days, and line your wallet with some pretty greens. Get in touch to start saving money today.”

You know it as well as I do; happy, healthy employees are more productive. Biomorph knows it, too. The Biomorph blog cuts to the heart of this concern for big and small businesses. No matter how happy you want your staff to be, it has to make economic sense. If you’re broke, your employees probably won’t be very happy anyway.

Biomorph spends a lot of blog time discussing ways, through movement, that employees can not only be happy, but more productive and engaged. There is also helpful information on how to choose a standing desk, and ways you can minimize health problems if you do have to sit at work.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

6_05_standingdesk_expertise5. Prove your expertise

Title: Office Desk Exercises To Help You Enjoy Work

Suggested Call to Action: “Are you sitting down too much at work? Do you need to get moving, but can’t get away from your desk? Try these office desk exercises, then call us to find out how our ergonomic standing desk can give your business a boost.”

Focal wants to sell you a standing desk, sure. But you’d never know that by reading their blog. That’s ok, though. Why? Because your blog, like your social media feed, is about building relationships. The Focal blog is loaded with advice on how to stay mindful at work, short yoga routines you can do right at your desk, and how to work effectively in an open office.

The “sell” comes from the relationship. I might add a call to action at the end of these posts, such as the one above, because you do want visitors to buy from you. Aside from that, Focal really succeeds in offering their readers useful, actionable information.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

6_06_standingdesk_need6. Create a need

Title: I Want a Standing Desk

Suggested Call to Action: “You probably hear your staff saying, “I want a standing desk.” Even if you don’t hear it, they are thinking it. We know because we’ve done the research. If you want a standing desk, for yourself or your staff, we’re here to help. Let’s talk.”

Actio Desk doesn’t pull any punches. You want a standing desk, you just might not know it yet. Actio Desk is here for you. Their blog appears to be new, but the posts they have so far are direct and to the point.

Why does this work? Sometimes too many choices are overwhelming. When you have more on your mind than picking a desk, these guys make it simple. In fact, they make it so simple that you start to wonder why you don’t already have a standing desk.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

6_07_standingdesk_audience7. Give your audience ideas

Title: Do your Feet Hurt from Standing all Day?

Suggested Call to Action: “The key to feeling good at work is movement. Regular changes from a seated to standing position are good for you. There’s just one problem: your feet hurt from standing all day – or even part of the day. Some floors just aren’t comfortable. If you can’t find an easy fix, get in touch. We have a few ideas that might just make your feet happy.”

Ok, so, I don’t know if most people love blogs the way we do, but here at the Buzzfarmers office, we are blog junkies. At other offices there might be an excited murmur around Patrick having some extra tickets to the Red Sox game, or Amanda’s new Italian leather wallet. At our little office in Rhode Island, we get excited about a good blog. Yes, we know we should probably find some other hobbies – maybe.

But that’s the vibe we get from a blog like this one from Stand Steady. Is it perfect? No. More frequent posting would probably bring them more website visitors. But their keyword research seems to be pretty on point, and the writing is personable and approachable, which is a big deal if you want to attract potential customers.

blog ideas for a standing desk company


6_08_standingdesk_list8. List the reasons 

Title: Are You Sitting Too Long at Work?

Suggested Call to Action: “Did you know that sitting too long at work has verified health repercussions? From minor problems like drowsiness to serious health issues like muscle and bone loss, sitting too long is just not a good idea. If you find you don’t have time to leave your desk and get some movement into your day, get in touch to find out how a standing desk can help you.”

Standee breaks it down into easily readable bullet points in several posts. This type of post – the list – tends to be popular because they are easy to read, and easy to skim. What Standee really has going for them, though, is the reliance on medical data to support their position. They quote data from Texas A&M Health Science Center and the journal from the American College of Sports Medicine.

blog ideas for a standing desk company


6_09_standingdesk_explore9. Explore your industry

Title: Standing While Working Isn’t New

Suggested Call to Action: “We aren’t the first generation to understand the joy of standing while working at a desk. Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Winston Churchill all worked on occasion at a standing desk. That’s not bad company to keep! Get in touch and we’ll help you work like they did.”

What I enjoy about the Multitable blog is the creative aspect. They offer a lot of proof that no matter what industry you are in, there is something to blog about. They cover history, sociology, health, and design in their blog, and it is all centered around the standing desk.

blog ideas for a standing desk company


6_10_standingdesk_yourself10. Be yourself

Title: Office Olympics: Sometimes You Just Need to Leave the Desk

Suggested Call to Action: “No matter how comfortable your desk is, sometimes you just have to participate in the office olympics. But when you get back to work, do you want to sit back down for hours? No. That’s where your new standing desk comes into action. Let us know how we can help you find the best desk.”

The HumanScale blog looks new. Their first post is from about a year ago, but they are working to humanize their business. Posts so far include an employee spotlight and office chair racing.

blog ideas for a standing desk company

As we’ve noted in previous blog posts, giving your company a personality makes customers feel more acquainted before they ever meet you. This is the power of blogs and social media, and you can use it to make money.

Are feeling ready now? Are you excited about your new blog posts? I hope so. I’d love to hear from you about your blog post ideas for a standing desk company. Better yet, we’d love to help you.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you make money with a blog. Our team is dedicated, focused, and excited about blogging for business.

Order a BuzzAudit, or contact Patrick at: patrick@buzzfarmers.wpengine.com or 401-573-5409 to get started. 

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