#FollowFridayVideo Episode 04 With Erin Ollila


Special Guest of the Week Erin Ollila Erin is a Managing Editor here at BuzzFarmers, and she’s always whipping up words for our clients. You can follow Erin on Twitter at @reinventingerin. Who To Follow @buffer #bufferchat @TMFProject @submittable If you’d like to come into BuzzFarmers and be a guest on the Follow Friday Video, give me a […]

#FollowFridayVideo Episode 01: Exo, CoSchedule, Be My Eyes

Follow Friday Video Episode 01

Happy Friday! In a galaxy far, far away (a long, long time ago), I co-ran a video production shop, where I produced more than 40 episodes of the #FollowFridayVideo. We had a fantastic group of people co-host the show with me, including my future business partner and wife Amanda MacArthur – our CEO here at BuzzFarmers If you’re not familiar […]

How to Brainstorm Video Blog Ideas

[lead centered=”yes”]Video blogs aren’t just for people who can’t spell, they’re for businesses who want to get up close and personal.[/lead] If you have favorite YouTube channels, then you know how easy it is to become attached to a person and their story. For example, ShayCarl is a popular YouTube star who people love because […]