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Patrick Hughes wrangles the BuzzFarmers team and trains everybody on our best practices based on the results of our content labs. These content labs are developed through the monthly a/b social media and content testing that BuzzFarmers conducts and Patrick delivers to all of our clients. Patrick also manages our developers in the creation of new client blogs, making sure they're up to BuzzFarmers code and will convert blog traffic into leads, subscribers and buyers the most effectively.

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#FollowFridayVideo Episode 03 With Shawn Badgley



Shawn is a Managing Editor here at BuzzFarmers, and he’s always cracking us up, so it’s no wonder that by the end of his Follow Friday picks, we’re just about busting at the seams.  You can follow Shawn on Twitter at @ShawnBadgley.

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#FollowFridayVideo Episode 01: Exo, CoSchedule, Be My Eyes

Happy Friday!

In a galaxy far, far away (a long, long time ago), I co-ran a video production shop, where I produced more than 40 episodes of the #FollowFridayVideo. We had a fantastic group of people co-host the show with me, including my future business partner and wife Amanda MacArthur – our CEO here at BuzzFarmers

If you’re not familiar with the #FollowFridayVideo, it’s basically a video series that features interesting people and companies we find on Twitter, Instagram, and even Reddit.

If you’d like to come into BuzzFarmers and be a guest on the Follow Friday Video, give me a shout on Twitter at @packhughes. I’m excited to bring this video series back for BuzzFarmers and our fantastic clients, colleagues, and other friends!

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How to Brainstorm Video Blog Ideas

Video blogs aren’t just for people who can’t spell, they’re for businesses who want to get up close and personal.

If you have favorite YouTube channels, then you know how easy it is to become attached to a person and their story. For example, ShayCarl is a popular YouTube star who people love because he documents the daily happenings of his family. For those who have been watching him for a while, they also love him because he lost about 100lbs right in front of their eyes. His fans feel like they know him.

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Marketing Genius: Heineken’s BeerFriender Facebook Promotion

Marketing Genius is a series created by BuzzFarmers to give virtual high fives to anyone who develops a unique (and brilliant) marketing idea worth talking about.

When Heineken took a step back from their holiday marketing and considered that it’d be really easy to tell people to “Drink Heineken” but harder to convince them to actually do it, they must have stopped and paused a bit longer than other beer companies.

Touching on the guilt that most people have around the holiday season every time they buy something for themselves, Heineken partnered with Krups to create BeerTender alongside a Facebook application (BeerFriender) that encourages you to “gift” a BeerTender to a random Facebook stranger.

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