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15 Social Media Gift Ideas for #SocialMedia Lovers

Illustrated by David Flanagan

“Damn girl, you can eat.” Those words were the first sweet nothings that Patrick ever tweeted to me.

We met on Twitter. I was in the midst of a daylong food road trip with some friends for my birthday, and Patrick was in utter shock when he stumbled upon my feed full of buffalo wings, double-stuffed french toast, and juicy burgers. Long story short, we’re both foodies, and I was new to Providence, so we started making a weekly date of trying out every restaurant in Providence. And the rest is history, right? Yay, Twitter!

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Three Lessons From Managing a Winery on Facebook

It’s a lot of fun to have a Facebook fan base that interacts with your content. At the same time, it can get a little overwhelming and lead to mistakes. I handled the social media marketing at Adams County Winery for three years and loved seeing our page grow from just over 1,000 to nearly 10,000 likes in that time.  We had some great fans who loved our content and even had some pieces go viral, seen by more than a million people all over the world. It was a great learning experience about what to do and what not to do when running a small-business page on Facebook.  I also saw quite a few other pages make these mistakes, and want to show you how to avoid them.

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Loyalty: The True Long Tail of Social Media

The one thing most social media professionals won’t confess to a potential client on a first date is that the No. 1 return on their investment will be loyalty.

Nobody wants to hear that.

I know, because as a business selling social media services, I have to “sell” the concept of loyalty more often than I should. Loyalty? BAH! Show me the green! Let’s just say our all-organic-all-the-time foundation keeps us very selective about who we work with. BuzzFarmers, remember?

And are their opportunities for e-commerce? Sure, especially if you’re an e-commerce driven company. But the reason why most companies aren’t seeing an immediate return on their investment for social media, and the reason why social media is moving toward a branding function where companies buy followers, more than a marketing function where companies earn them, is because the return on your social media investment takes time.

For example …

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How to Bring the SEO Swagger Back Into Old Articles

Refill the SEO juice on your old articles by using a six-month plan to refresh them on Twitter.

Illustrated by David Flanagan

I’ve been working with Mequoda, a marketing, training, and web development company for magazine publishers, for more than seven years.

One of the things I love about them, and one of the reasons why we’ve gotten to work with the likes of publishers like Men’s Health and Time Inc., is because they are so incredibly research-, testing-, and numbers-driven. The number of reports that Mequoda pulls together on a daily and monthly basis would make your head spin. Everything they design, and every piece of content they/we write is so expertly thought out and measured, that it’s no wonder their clients sing them from the rooftops. Mequoda events are filled with the most passionate business leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure of surrounding myself with. And those people attend year after year because Mequoda makes publishers rich on a regular basis. Seriously.

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How To: Increase Facebook Visibility & Reach Without Buying “Promoted Posts”

Illustrated by Patrick Yurick

Facebook’s biggest fail wasn’t that they asked businesses to pay to increase Facebook visibility, but that they put all fans in a bucket and made them re-establish their loyalty just to see posts from their favorite brands and companies. Businesses hate it, and so do their fans. They signed up for updates, so why should Facebook determine which ones they see?

Remember the days when you could just post a link on Facebook, and optimistically guess how many people saw your link? When a post got no likes or comments, you just assumed you were doing something wrong and iterated. Typically, these iterations resulted in more likes and follows.

I’m not sure if there was ever a time when Facebook Business Pages got the same visibility as profile pages in any one person’s feed, but the one thing that’s for sure is that the one big mystery everyone wants to solve with our new BuzzAudit is where their formerly attentive audience went.

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Survey Results: 32% of Restaurant Customers Will Re-Tweet for a $5 Coupon

Survey Results: 32% of Restaurant Customers Will Re Tweet for a $5 CouponIf we’re friends (hello, friend!), then you know how dorky I get about behavioral science – the reason why and how people do things. In marketing, it’s discovered when people click a link or when they decide to turn a promotion into a transaction.

As much as I love our blogging clients, I really love getting new research clients.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to dig into a year’s worth of Facebook Insights analysis for a magazine that has over 450,000 Facebook fans. They wanted us to look at their page (and their analytics) to find out when and why their comments dropped off, why “likes” might be slowing down, and which posts performed best.

Not to be crude, but I was like a pig in youknowwhat. Best eight hours of geeking out I had all week.

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Pinterest SEO Tips: An Excuse to Pin, or a Waste of Time on the “Idiot Box”?

My grandmother used to call the television the “idiot box.” One minute in front of the tube was a minute away from fresh grass and character-building skinned knees.

If my grandmother was here today, she’d have no hesitation in transporting that description to the computer, because let’s face it – technology makes us lazy.

Look at Pinterest, for example: completely curated content.

What, people can’t even find their own recipes anymore? They need other people to find them for them? Go build a fort or something!”

My grandmother was awesome and she made delicious bread and butter sandwiches, but thank goodness she never had to meet Siri.

If you ask me, Pinterest is a damn good waste of time. I may never be able to make the perfect Christmas tree cupcake, but I can sure as hell grow green onions from a mason jar. They grow like weeds, by the way!

Millions of other people agree, and that’s why Google uses it as a point of popularity measurement like they do Twitter and Facebook. If your article gets a lot of shares, Google will notice. Search Engine Watch recently tested the viability of Pinterest SEO using a low-equity site. Within the first week, the site generated 150 (no-follow) inbound links and got indexed for 25 new keywords.

If you want to get Pinterest SEO benefits, drive more traffic, and get found for more keywords, complete these two objectives (warning: it includes using the social network for good, not evil!):

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Tips for Adding Social Media Buttons to Email Templates

Five years ago (has it only been five years?), I spent a lot of time helping magazine publishers learn to let go of their content. The most successful publishers let down their hair and began to give it away for free through blogs and email newsletters. We discovered that free content could be profitable if we could just ask for an email address in exchange (it was the email list that made all the money online at that time).

That email address, a consumer’s most coveted online detail, could be secured by giving away free white papers, free website subscriptions, and sometimes just by asking for it. Businesses of every niche followed the strategies of the publishing industry by creating their own white papers and website subscriptions. The email list has been, for some time, the meal ticket that pays for all the content people are working so hard to produce, but were having a hard time getting paid for.

So, when we started suggesting that they start adding social media buttons to email, there was bewilderment. After spending all of that time creating email lists, why would we want to send customers away?

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