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Our Newest, Wordiest BuzzFarmer: Shawn Badgley!

Shawn Badgley has wanted to work at BuzzFarmers since before it even existed; since he was a small child in the Nineties growing up on a mire in Belarus, the sixteenth of 17 children born to peat gatherers Vsevolod and Varvara Badgley. Every morning, he would load up hardtack rations on a peat wagon, hitch it to his favorite goat, Gleb, and ride out to a secret writing spot nestled near the Bug River.

There, he would research the flora and fauna, practice his interviewing skills on Gleb, and “blog” on the walls of a mushroom cave, since computers – or electricity, for that matter – had not yet been introduced to his village of Merechevschina. Typewriters, too, were scarce. Pens, pencils, and paper, as well.

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We’re Hiring (And I Can’t Tell You Anything!)

So I wrote this really epic post to go along with this cute graphic Sarah made just for it.

In it, I talked about the fact that we’re hiring, plus the order in which we’re hiring (business manager, social media analyst, managing editor, wordpress developer). Then I even told you when we’re scheduling interviews and common reasons why you might not get an interview (if you don’t).

But then Pat told me I couldn’t say any of those things or somebody might sue us.

So instead I’m consolidating and just telling you that we’re hiring and that we’re hiring one position at a time, in the order above, and if you don’t hear from us, I’m sorry but I love you and we might have future plans for you with different types of clients and also that I appreciate you putting your hearts and souls into your apps and talking to us on Twitter.

Also, this won’t be the last time we’re hiring these positions. So.

That’s all I can say before Pat unplugs the Internet and locks me out of the blog.

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How to Use Twitter to Get a Job (with BuzzFarmers?)

This month we’re in hiring mode. In the next 30 days, we’ll interviewing and hiring a new social media manager and a second managing editor.

All the while, our office is being built and we’re collecting all the stuff around Rhode Island to put in it so that it’s a proper second home. Today we visited the infamous Lorimer Workshop to concoct our perfect conference table and can’t wait for it to be done!

Exciting, yes? Frightening? Super yes!

At the request of our clients, I’m required to hire a mini-me. In reality, I think it’s important to hire someone who has strengths in areas I don’t. I’m an insanely introverted CEO (at least I feel that way) that’s a semi-organized perfectionist, but works best at 3am when the world is quiet and nobody is chewing in my general vicinity. I need people that are better at those things than I am.

Also, people that don’t chew, maybe ever. Kidding! (Or am I?)

With all this hiring stuff on my brain, I decided to dedicate my monthly posts to jobs. In fact, one of them you can use to get a job with us if you’re paying close enough attention!

Firstly, if you want to skip over us and head right to working at Twitter HQ, I dug up a bunch of tips for doing that. Their offices look pretty cool, I’d love to have a rooftop garden one day, wouldn’t you? Oh, and yoga classes? Heck, I don’t even do yoga but I would!

Second, some pointers for using Twitter to get your next job (with us, perhaps?) I feel like #6 is a pretty crucial step in the process and you could skip right to this one at the very least.

Next, if you’re looking to get a job Tweeting for a living (and not that sponsored crap) then I put together some tips on how to land a job like that. It can also be used by an employer looking to hire so that you know what to look for. Spoiler: Owning a smartphone is not a qualification!

Finally, some words of caution about how Twitter can get you fired, rather than hired. This stuff isn’t rocket science but yet people keep making all of these mistakes, sometimes without even knowing they did something wrong.

So the moral of the story is that we’re super excited to be hiring and we’ll be sharing our job listings on Twitter @buzzfarmers next week.

Are you listening? I promise I was kidding about the chewing thing.

Update: here are the job listings!

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We’re moving to Pawtucket!

For the past few years our little blogging company has been here, there and everywhere. We’ve been gypsies, traveling around the states, and we’ve had a few small temporary offices in Worcester, Massachusetts and Homosassa, Florida. Just a few months ago we were deciding whether we should hit the road in a traveling office (aka a Winnebago) or settle down here in Providence.

You might be able to guess which one we chose.

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The “Best of 2012″ Lists That Will Make You a Better Marketer & Human Being

The Best of 2012 Lists That Will Make You a Better Marketer & Human Being

Illustrated by David Flanagan

American playwright David Ives said that lists are anti-democratic, discriminatory and elitist. Well Mr. Ives, I happen to like lists. And as the fourth quarter of 2012 is ending, I’ve come across some really impactful and wonderful lists that I wanted to share. So, here they are, and I’ll keep adding to the list as more pop up.

10 Predictions for Inbound Marketing in 2013 by Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz)

I’m sort of a Rand fangirl cause we have the same SEO brainwaves and work patterns (hello late night blog posts!) except he’s famous and makes bank doing it. This list is Rand’s predictions for 2013 that he hopes you hold him accountable for. He also reviews his predictions from last year and how they held up. Great read.

2012′s Top Lessons for B2B Marketers by MarketingProfs

The lack of explanation behind “automated is better than manual” in lesson one turned me off a bit although I’m sure the social media slackers of the world would love to apply that one-size-fits all strategy to their business. Everything else I enjoyed though, even including the fact that Klout does indeed have a good algorithm for determining who’s influential.

12 Worthwhile Small Business Resolutions for 2013 by Swipely

I think the least obvious item on this list is to plan your holiday promotions in advance…like now. I write almost daily about small business marketing, and I spend a lot of time looking for effective promotions. Most of the time businesses throw up their holiday promotions or event flyers a week before the big day. Gotta plan that thing at least a month in advance! OK so I wrote this one, but what kind of marketer would I be if I didn’t include my own “best of” list here?

Social Media Report 2012 by Nielsen

A pretty-looking presentation, made up of about 15 pages worth of infographics. I was a little shocked that 33% (the majority) of social media users think ads on social media sites are more annoying than elsewhere on the web. Really? More annoying than pop-ups and those full-page stopper ads on newspaper sites? Cripes, I’ll take relevant ads based on my consumer and browsing data any day.

Top Tweets of 2012 aka Golden Tweets from Twitter

I’ll give you a hint: the top two tweets were by Obama and Bieber. I do like the other complimentary add-ons to this list though, like seeing your own year in tweets, and seeing through the eyes of major events on Twitter.

The Most Popular Stories of 2012 from LinkedIn

What I like most about this list is that it’s not some chump putting it together (hey, who you callin’ a chump?!) but it seems to be curated in some way, whether it’s populated from the most popular posts in my network, or just by the most popular posts in LinkedIn, I found the list to be pretty darn good.

Top 20 Conversion Insights of 2012 from Unbounce

I was hoping this list would be more about test results from Unbounce, but still enjoyed this list of brainy quotes from all the internet elite. Loved the quotes from Peep Laja,  Carlos del Rio and Jon Correll. Still working on that one from Steve Krug. Also, does Chris Goward look like Rand Fish or what?

Top 1 SEO Tips for 2013 by SEOMoz

This was forwarded to me by Raymond Horwitz over at Black Belt Magazine and I thought it was a great summary of SEO in 2013. As always, content rules, but you really need to get your crap together about writing better content and article marketing. People MUST be sharing your content and they MUST be linking to it. Also, you ought to have a backup plan if Google decides you’re not the best search result anymore.

The Best Books of 2012 by GoodReads

I’m really excited that Wild by Cheryl Strayed was on this list, because Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) introduced me to this book a month or so ago. I read half the book through Amazon’s preview features and can’t wait to read the paperback. Also, there wasn’t enough time for it to make this list, but I think The 4-Hour Chef is amazing and fun and everyone needs to own it.

Best in Travel 2013 by LonelyPlanet

I like this list because it’s more of a collection. Sure, the usual suspects are on their best-of lists, but they also have other lists like the best places to hunt for buried treasure, the unluckiest places in the world and best places to do something new (my favorite). And when you need to get back to budgeting reality, you can read the best value destinations.

Email Marketing Awards 2013 by MarketingSherpa

I worked for MarketingSherpa several years ago and something I liked about their annual marketing awards was how they judged their entries. The truth is that it didn’t take a lot of work to judge them. Which email got the most conversions? How much money did it make? Great, there’s our winner. There was no design specialist scouring over what shade of blue you used, there’s just data and facts. If you won, it’s because your copy and design syntax worked, and no human can judge that based on instincts, just numbers.

This list will be a work in progress over the month of December. Please suggest any that you’ve loved in the comments!

If you like this list, buckle your britches and head over to our 15 Social Media Gift Ideas for #SocialMedia Lovers post (c’mon, take a chance!)

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“Launching BuzzFarmers” or “Podcamp Bound”

Over the next week or so, we’re getting the flamethrowers ready and the tumbleweeds rolling in order to launch BuzzFarmers. It’s been a labor of love with people who have previously been working on separate social media, design, and online marketing projects – all coming together for the “greater good”.

Or, in other words, we’re coming together as a superhuman marketing team to manifest some pretty exceptional all-inclusive packages for our existing and new clients. The projects we have coming up are pretty exciting.

This weekend, Amanda MacArthur, our CFO (Chief Marketing Farmer) and Patrick Hughes, our CPF (Chief Production Farmer) will be mingling with their social media friends at PodCamp Boston 5 and decided to do something a little different for our business cards.

Call us old fashioned, but stamps and India Ink make for great business cards. And they smell good too.

Launching BuzzFarmers or Podcamp Bound

Ok we cheated on the stamps with a Uniball pen for our contact information, but they just don’t make stamps that small!

And besides, here on the farm, we’re the ones we deliver, nobody delivers to us. So if Vistaprint thought they were going to offer us some tomfoolery of 500 free business cards (+S&H), they had another thing coming.

Well, if you’re going to be at Podcamp, we’ll see you there! If not, you’re missing out on some pretty sweet business cards.

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