Patrick Yurick, Lead Illustrator

Patrick has been working as an art educator in southern California for the last six years. His passions are for telling stories and designing ways for people to learn. He's recently gotten internet-famous for his series My Arm: the Comic and is the author of Hipster Picnic. He's a regular moderator and panelist at Comic Con International, has been on the ground floor of the MOOC movement and, as if he didn't have enough to do, is the founder of Little Fish Comic Book Studio and current CEO of He has a degree in graphic design from the New England Institute of Art and an art education degree from Plymouth State University.

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What Stock Photography Says About Your Blog (and Why It’s Worth Ditching for Local Talent)

Stock photography looks like stock photography. We can pick a stock photo out of a lineup and recognize it for exactly for what it is: an image that someone has produced and that thousands or millions have already seen. Unfortunately, if you intend to use it for your blog/site/promotional campaign, it can say some things about you that you might not realize. For example, an overused stock photo might indicate to a reader that they’ve already read the article, even though they haven’t. There are plenty of articles to point you in the direction of annoyingly overused stock images, but not enough telling you the alternative: creating your own library of photos and art.

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