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How to Brainstorm Video Blog Ideas

Video blogs aren’t just for people who can’t spell, they’re for businesses who want to get up close and personal

If you have favorite YouTube channels, then you know how easy it is to become attached to a person and their story. For example, ShayCarl is a popular YouTube star who people love because he documents the daily happenings of his family. For those who have been watching him for a while, they also love him because he lost about 100lbs right in front of their eyes. His fans feel like they know him.

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5 Tips For Writing a TV Commercial Script

5 Tips For Writing a TV Commercial Script

So, you have a commercial coming up and need to know how to write a TV commercial script for yourself, your actors, or you voice-over talent.

Here are five tips to help you write your next TV commercial script.

For $12 you can have the template plus our 10-page script writing guide.

1. Write Down What Your Main Objective Is

Be clear and to the point so that your objective doesn’t get lost in words. Do you want to sell a car? Get people to buy a product? What is the one action you want people to complete when they’re done watching your commercial, and how will you get them to perform it?

A couple examples:

Bill’s Car Lot TV Commercial Objectives:

  • Show people the variety of new cars on the lot (don’t forget to provide your address)
  • Tell people about an urgent one-time promotional offer that gets them to come in (don’t forget to provide your address)
  • Get people to look at online inventory (don’t forget to provide your web address)

Bill’s Restaurant TV Commercial Objectives:

  • Get people in to try your new menu  (don’t forget to include shots of the food)
  • Make people feel comfortable dining in with their children (don’t forget shots of families)
  • Get people to RSVP for your Halloween Bash (don’t forget to provide a phone number or web address)

Decide what your goals are before you start and your script will come more easily(as will your shot list).

2. Time Out Your Scripts

Most TV commercials are 30 seconds in length, make sure that you keep your script short, sweet, and to the point.

Run through the script yourself, first–the stop-watch function on your iPhone (or any stop watch) works great. The trick is to read it at your own pace—don’t try to sound like a professional voice-over artist. I like my scripts to read in the 25-29 second range. This gives your voice talent plenty of room to emphasize words if they need to.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Yourself

Repetition helps people remember, so whatever it is you want people to do (call, visit, make a reservation), make sure to repeat your call-to-action at least twice. If you’re writing a script for a brick and mortar store, make sure you mention the address a couple times throughout your script, the same goes for a website address. You want to hammer it into peoples heads, but be polite about it!

4. Get Your Scripts Approved

Get your client to sign off on any scripts before production begins. This can save you time and money in re-recording, especially if your voice talent works on an hourly rate.

5. Format a Script for Your Voice Talent

Voice-over artists need scripts to be easily read, and so there are styles of script-writing used on the radio and TV that makes printed words easier to read and illustrate verbally.

Brent Brace, a voice-over artist in Denver told me his personal opinion (although there are many): “Most voice-over artists, including myself, prefer scripts written as upper lower case. It allows us to see the shapes of the words so that seeing it and saying the entire phrase is easier. When we worked in radio, we capitalized every word because we were not typists and it was easy to hit CAPS and go fast, but in the L.A. and N.Y major voiceover world, major ad agencies write a script like a movie script…upper lower case.”

Here is a quick rundown on formatting your script for voice talent:

  • Write out numbers * example: 3 becomes three
  • Capitalize every word * this is a preference
  • OR, Capitalize the first letter of every word * this is a preference
  • Break lines where they seem most natural * create pauses where you want pauses

If you need a little help with your script, purchase our TV Commercial Script Guide below.

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5 Tips For Writing a TV Commercial Script5 Tips For Writing a TV Commercial Script

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Marketing Genius: Heineken’s BeerFriender Facebook Promotion

Marketing Genius: Heinekens BeerFriender Facebook Promotion

Marketing Genius is a series created by BuzzFarmers to give virtual high-fives to anyone who develops a unique (and brilliant) marketing idea worth talking about.

When Heineken took a step back from their holiday marketing and considered that it’d be really easy to tell people to “Drink Heineken” but harder to convince them to actually do it, they must have stopped and paused a bit longer than other beer companies.

Touching on the guilt that most people have around the holiday season every time they buy something for themselves, Heineken partnered with Krups to create BeerTender alongside a Facebook application (BeerFriender) that encourages you to “gift” a BeerTender to a random Facebook stranger.

According to the promotion, in return, that person will quietly also “gift” one to you; Thus eliminating the potential guilt of buying for yourself.


Marketing Genius: Heinekens BeerFriender Facebook Promotion

This is a bit genius because Heineken knows they can’t sell beer on Facebook, but they can still put themselves in front of everyone, making a clever impression without it.

And of course, according to their Terms of Use, “the Application enables you receive, upload and share information and content about Heineken, the Heineken BeerTender®, and other Heineken products and services.” Not a bad exchange, especially not for Krups who’s likely taking a bulk of the sale with no necessary marketing on their part.

The only thing? We’re not sure it truthfully pairs anyone with anyone else. According to their sales page, “When you use BeerFriender to buy a BeerTender for yourself, it arrives giftwrapped and with a fancy card, so it looks like a gift from someone else.” So eliminating the guilt of explaining to your partner or spouse? Sure. Knowing that little Jimmy gets one less present because of your addiction to shiny beer-drinking paraphernalia? That one’s on you!

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