How to Write a Blog Post Like Jimi Hendrix


It goes without saying that Jimi Hendrix was before his time. His playing style birthed a new form of rock and roll, and numerous sub-genres from it. His ability was uncanny, and it flowed throughout his body. Remember, this is a man who played his guitar behind his head and with his teeth and tongue. A man who played a right-handed guitar turned upside down, and strung for lefties.

How to Set a Realistic Editorial Deadline


Are you wondering why I sing the praises of editorial deadlines? Well, I have a lot of experience with other people missing deadlines, and I know personally how much it can affect many facets of a project. There’s nothing worse than someone else’s inability to meet deadline messes up the work that you’re doing. The truth is, we all have a lot going on in our lives. People are busy, and things get messy and unpredictable – that’s life. You just can’t let your life get in the way of due dates.

#FollowFridayVideo Episode 04 With Erin Ollila


Special Guest of the Week Erin Ollila Erin is a Managing Editor here at BuzzFarmers, and she’s always whipping up words for our clients. You can follow Erin on Twitter at @reinventingerin. Who To Follow @buffer #bufferchat @TMFProject @submittable If you’d like to come into BuzzFarmers and be a guest on the Follow Friday Video, give me a […]

Blog Voice Is a Big Choice


Does your blog voice make you stand out from a crowd? What do Johnny Cash, Tupac Shakur, and Sarah Brightman have in common? They all have remarkably identifiable voices. If a song by one of these artists were to come on at a restaurant, it would be easy to pick out the vocalist. Not only is their […]