Getting to Know Our New Community Manager: Jim Almo!


You might remember Jim Almo from his spotlight in one of our #FollowFriday videos. Well, not only does he follow some incredible people on Twitter, but he also gets social media and community building. That’s good news because we’ve on-boarded Jim recently as BuzzFarmers’ first (and only) Community Manager. Here are three important facts you should know about Jim […]

12 Restaurant Blogging Ideas for a Michelin Star-Worthy Restaurant Blog


Restaurant blogs should these use specific restaurant blogging ideas to attract new audiences. Mark my words: Restaurants will become major players in the blogging world soon. Why? Because it’s fertile ground for promotion, it’s hip, and it’s potentially another revenue stream. At the very least, it’s a way to get more foot traffic. And best of all, […]

10 Travel Blog Ideas For Travel Agencies Who Want to Sell Bigger, Better Vacations


You, my dear travel agency blog writer, are the authority on all things travel. Have you forgotten how awesome and knowledgeable you are? When you are deep into the day to day of running a business, it’s easy to forget that you are an authority on what you do. Running a travel agency is no […]