How to Become a Better Writer or Marketer — 28 Books to the Rescue


Want to know how to become a better writer? The BuzzFarmers crew has a few suggestions if you’re looking for some inspiring books! If you work with the written word, you’ve probably considered how to become a better writer. Sure, you could take writing classes online or at your local community college, but there are easier ways […]

Social Media Testing Results from 15 Businesses Paying Attention


If you’re not using some type of social media testing, you’re not paying attention. Some companies are just plain good at social media – or are they? For companies using social media, testing should be a crucial component of an overall strategy. This shouldn’t be a surprise to you. I would even argue that, among […]

What Consumers Want from Digital Magazines

Today Mequoda released their annual Digital Magazine Market Study, a project that we’ve worked on with them for several years. The results from the study are meant to help magazine publishers determine where they should focus their goals when developing their digital magazines. For example, is it worth it to develop a digital replica—a simple PDF version […]

18 Insider Social Media Engagement Ideas From the Pros

social media engagement ideas

Searching for social media engagement ideas you can use to communicate with your customers? Check out these helpful tips from 18 industry professionals! Do you know who is following your company blog and social media accounts? Are you looking for ways to reach out to your brand advocates? If you want to communicate better with […]