How to Create Buyer Personas That Attract & Convert

how to create a buyer persona

If you never learned how to create buyer personas, check out these three buyer persona examples to kick-off your content marketing efforts. There’s a popular copywriter out there who is such a drag. She loves to tell marketers how not to do things, but rarely has anything to follow up with when it comes to […]

10 Blog Post Ideas for Time Tracking Startups


Hello, there! Do excuse me for a moment, but I’ve got a bone to pick. I love so many of you time tracking startups, but you’re not taking advantage of content marketing to blow the roof off the app store. There is a lot of competition in the software world. The competition for time tracking […]

10 Hotel Blog Post Ideas to Attract Eager Vacationers


These hotel blog post ideas will help you stand out amongst the competition Weekend warriors to weary business men. Vacationers, out-of-towners turning residents, wedding attendees. College graduates tripping cross country and best friends reuniting somewhere in the middle. There are all types of travelers stopping in hotels all over the country, for a single night […]

How We Use Slack to be a More Effective Content Marketing Team

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 5.08.04 PM

What Slack integrations are you and your content marketing team using? Have you ever found a tool that totally changed the way you work? One of those tools at BuzzFarmers has been CoSchedule (which we wrote about here) and another has been Slack. We also used HipChat for a long time, which we still love, […]