10 Blog Post Ideas for Time Tracking Startups


Hello, there! Do excuse me for a moment, but I’ve got a bone to pick. I love so many of you time tracking startups, but you’re not taking advantage of content marketing to blow the roof off the app store. There is a lot of competition in the software world. The competition for time tracking […]

10 Hotel Blog Post Ideas to Attract Eager Vacationers


These hotel blog post ideas will help you stand out amongst the competition Weekend warriors to weary business men. Vacationers, out-of-towners turning residents, wedding attendees. College graduates tripping cross country and best friends reuniting somewhere in the middle. There are all types of travelers stopping in hotels all over the country, for a single night […]

How Do Famous Quotes By Shakespeare Inspire The Best Marketing?


BuzzFarmers presents thee with ten famous quotes by Shakespeare that doth rock your marketing world Friends, Romans, marketers… Lend me your ears. BuzzFarmers could go on forever about how William Shakespeare is the face of English literature. It’d be easy to use a cliché statement, such as “his work transcends time.” Although, it is the truth. His words […]

How To Write an Effective Blog Post in 60 Minutes


Writing a blog post is easy. Writing a good blog post is less easy. And figuring out how to write a good and effective blog post? Not always so easy. Heck, we’re professionals, and we still constantly read, study, test, and adjust what we do so we can do it better. We’ve been talking a lot […]

Buying Audio Books: Your How To Guide for Choosing the Best

buying audio books

August is audio book appreciation month, but a good audio book takes more than just a good story. Here are four tips to help you find an audio book you’ll love.  “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. They were the […]