What an AWESOME Bakery Marketing Strategy!

What an AWESOME Bakery Marketing Strategy!

Illustrated by David Flanagan


‘Tis the season for good karma, right? It’s almost like we think our “good will” budget expires at the end of the year, and so we all rush to do good deeds by the end of the month. With this whole Mayan thing going on, I wonder if good deeds are up some kind of ridiculous percentage.

Well how about being the beacon of light that encourages those good deeds in a creative way?

Next week we’re going to be in Jackson, New Hampshire for half of the week for a special occasion. So naturally, I’ve been looking around for neat things to do while we’re there. It’s in the White Mountains, so there’s plenty of snow-shoeing and hiking to do. After talking with Chris Sturk over at Mequoda, he convinced me that we need to try ski boarding too.

So Pinterest has become something of a pretty reliable travel guide lately, and I used it as part of my research arsenal for this trip. One of the pins that popped up when I searched for Jackson NH was this “Good Karma Gift Board” at Backcountry Bakery and Cafe in Jackson.

What an AWESOME Bakery Marketing Strategy!

What an awesome idea! And it’s hard to put the words “karma” and “marketing” in the same sentence in good conscience, but is this a great bakery marketing strategy or what? There’s no better marketing than making people feel good. And who says this needs to be a holiday thing, anyway?

A big thanks to Espresso Dave’s, a Boston-area coffee catering company that’s kicking butt over on Pinterest and shared this photo. Their combo of party / decorating ideas + coffee pins are also a great example of how a small business can creatively use Pinterest.

What an AWESOME Bakery Marketing Strategy!

Now, commence listening to Jackson, featuring Florence + the Machine and Josh Homme until we get back!

(Thanks for the nudge, Steff!)

Amanda MacArthur

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