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Evergreen Content Is Your Greatest SEO Tool

Illustrated by Patrick Yurick

There’s nothing I hate more than wasted content.

And if you’re publishing blog posts once and never refreshing or re-promoting them, then you’re wasting content. You’re wasting money, too!

We manage several blogs for our clients. Several of those blogs have thousands of blog posts. For our larger clients, like magazine publishers, the majority of content was written before we met. For the startups we work with, most were written by us.

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Pinterest SEO Tips: An Excuse to Pin, or a Waste of Time on the “Idiot Box”?

My grandmother used to call the television the “idiot box.” One minute in front of the tube was a minute away from fresh grass and character-building skinned knees.

If my grandmother was here today, she’d have no hesitation in transporting that description to the computer, because let’s face it – technology makes us lazy.

Look at Pinterest, for example: completely curated content.

What, people can’t even find their own recipes anymore? They need other people to find them for them? Go build a fort or something!”

My grandmother was awesome and she made delicious bread and butter sandwiches, but thank goodness she never had to meet Siri.

If you ask me, Pinterest is a damn good waste of time. I may never be able to make the perfect Christmas tree cupcake, but I can sure as hell grow green onions from a mason jar. They grow like weeds, by the way!

Millions of other people agree, and that’s why Google uses it as a point of popularity measurement like they do Twitter and Facebook. If your article gets a lot of shares, Google will notice. Search Engine Watch recently tested the viability of Pinterest SEO using a low-equity site. Within the first week, the site generated 150 (no-follow) inbound links and got indexed for 25 new keywords.

If you want to get Pinterest SEO benefits, drive more traffic, and get found for more keywords, complete these two objectives (warning: it includes using the social network for good, not evil!):

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Jonathan Edwards Vineyard/Winery Harvest Festival in 78 Seconds

Illustrated by David Flanagan

Jonathan Edwards Vineyard/Winery Harvest Festival in 78 Seconds

Amanda & Patrick: Ready for some grape stomping.

“Bringing Napa Home” at the Jonathan Edwards Vineyard/Winery Harvest Festival

If you’ve ever vacationed in Napa, Calif., you’re probably like the rest of us suckers, trying to “bring Napa home” and re-create the experience wherever it is that you live. You start by paying more attention to wine tastings at your local liquor stores, then you find wineries in your state that are a reasonable distance to drive.

If you’re like Patrick and me, you might start hopping on your local “wine trail” and make a weekend out of it. In fact, Patrick and I drove from Rhode Island to Colorado and paved our own wine trail.

Sadly, it’s hard to bring a place like Napa home. A town and area where you can drive down a single road, in valleys and between mountains, to stop at big beautiful wineries every five minutes or so. Some are small and quaint where you might spend three hours making friends with the owners and trying secret barrels in the back. And others are big with incredibly landscaped grounds where you can picnic and take in the fresh air.

Of course, everything is made better with a sip of wine here and there, which you remember based half on your experience and half what it tastes like.

Wine tasting is an emotional hobby. Every glass you drink and bottle you buy reminds you of a day, time, and a place. Speaking of which …

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Best Search Engine Submission Tools

On some farms, they just throw typewriters into haystacks. The villagers come and they forage for the typewriter. Then they go home, write a novel, and toss it into another haystack. Eventually someone finds the novel, and if they like it, they read it; if they don’t, they just keep on throwing.

At BuzzFarmers, we’re a little different. We know about the Internet. Even more importantly, we know about that Google guy and how he’s some crazy fast super-reader and good at answering questions when people type words into his search barrel.

But how does one go about getting Mr. Google to read your words? Simple. The Internet is awesome, and we’ve come up with a list of the best search engine submission tools you’ll ever find. Right here. Right now.

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