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Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience. Her past work can be found all over the Internet and in print, but it's her work with you that means more to her than anything else. Erin’s an empathetic listener who considers all perspectives, and takes a client-centered approach to every project. What else would you expect from the child of a psychologist and a nurse?

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10 Jewelry Blog Ideas to Dazzle Your Potential Customers

A diamond is forever. It’s also a girl’s best friend. Women love pretty pearls and beautiful baubles. Gemstones glisten. If you like it, then you better put a ring on it. Every kiss begins with wherever he went to buy it.

We’ve all heard these clichés in the jewelry business for decades, but who can blame stores and manufacturers for leaning on them for so long? The business is all about glamorous products aimed at women. For chains with big TV ad budgets, it’s easy to sell beauty, especially when it comes wrapped up in emotion or romance. But for jewelry makers and retailers in a market more crowded than the setting in Kim Kardashian West’s wedding ring, the story is the most important part. It’s one of your few opportunities to separate yourself from the pack.

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Meet One of the World’s Best Office Dogs, and Founder of the “Daily Growl”: Napa!

During our weekly racquetball game, when I first asked Napa MacArthur-Hughes if I could interview him about his job at BuzzFarmers, he instructed me to make an appointment with our office manager, Mary, explaining that his responsibilities as housecarl and one of the world’s busiest office dogs are so demanding that he can’t keep track of them.

When we finally sat down together, Napa was in the middle of his neighborhood-watch shift here in the office, and something was happening outside between a bee and a construction worker that he just couldn’t miss. You see, Napa may tell you about how he spends much of his workday gazing over the view from our beautiful work windows, but what he doesn’t share is that he created this “neighborhood watch” program because his personal dream – in addition to his vast and varied business interests – is to be a dog detective.

He loves sniffing out a trail – you should see the amount of work he puts into his own blog, Napa’s Daily Growl. He takes his research and interviewing to the extreme. Take Poop Week, for example. Napa wrote about constipation, safe dog laxatives, diarrhea, picking up after a dog, and why some dogs even eat poop. When Napa isn’t playing detective, writing, or researching, you can often find him resting in sun spots, playing with his toys, and cuddling up near an employee to encourage them. He often tells us how lucky he feels to work with us, but believe me, we’re the lucky ones.

With all of the great office dogs Napa’s interviewing at his Daily Growl, we wanted to get in on the act with some cross-blog promotion. Here, without further ado, is our conversation.

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10 HR Blog Ideas to Keep Your Company Up to Code

With shifting workforce trends – in healthcare, telecommuting, and technology – HR departments and companies must always be ready to adapt.

Prospective employees once were able to walk in and ask a receptionist for an application, which they could then complete on the spot. Now, companies accept digital applications, and interview applicants via video web conferencing. And that’s just to join the company. Once they’re in, employees and management face far different office dynamics than previous generations did.

The rules of human resources have changed. Can your company keep up?

Human resources is an information hub. Employees come to you by way of recruitment, performance evaluation, problems, or termination. Simply put, people have questions. Employees, managers, and even other human resources professionals are looking for answers. Creating an HR blog is a way to disseminate policies and expectations in a clear and comprehensive way.

It’s also a way to provide even more services to businesses looking for help.

If you’re a company that offers a service that helps HR professionals, like TSheets, MonsterSurePayrollPaychex, or run a business like any of the HR companies below, then you can attract new customers and leads through a great blog!

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Marketing Genius: San Francisco’s ForageSF Knows Storytelling in Business by Heart

Marketing Genius is a series created by BuzzFarmers to give virtual high fives to anyone who develops a unique (and brilliant) marketing idea worth talking about.

During our recent work retreat in North Conway, N.H., our team hiked through the forest near Diana’s Baths. During the trip, my coworker Chris pointed out all of the mushrooms and flowers that were edible. While we were there, it reminded me of a childhood friend who’d explained to me which flowers taste like Fruity Pebbles – and also which plants were poisonous. Since finding food in the forest isn’t something I think of every day, I enjoyed our mountain treks, but soon stopped thinking about the nourishment that hides in plain sight.

That is, until I read a recent email from the San Francisco company ForageSF. An email that’s mostly about … whales?

No, ForageSF isn’t a whale-centric company; they consider themselves “a handmade community,” with classes and events, and even a kitchen where one can rent space. Their mission includes supporting San Francisco-local foragers and also the local food economy by teaching people how to find free food in the wild and also providing affordable cooking facilities.

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