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BuzzFarmers creates the content that turns business blogs into a new and steady source of customers, users, subscribers, and leads. Our content has generated more than $10 million in revenue for our clients, all while establishing them as leading authorities in their niches.

Is your homepage doing all the heavy lifting? Does that homepage speak to all of your possible customer personas, or just one? Our team of content and marketing experts create and manage business blogs that generate 70% or more of our clients' website traffic and leads. These blog posts can attract each different customer persona individually, turn them into loyalists with great content, and convert them into new leads with contextual calls to action. The result:

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Everybody needs a baseline, which is why every client begins with a BuzzAudit. We take the guesswork out of blogging by bundling together a 20- to 40-page custom audit that includes the foundational research needed to build an effective blog. Take the blueprint and go, or hire us and get started.

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What Clients Are Saying...

  • HomeBuzzFarmers is an exceptional content marketing team that is data-driven, experimental, and flexible. Since working with Amanda, we've seen blog traffic surge around keywords that are particularly competitive.

    Elizabeth Ducoff, Swipely
  • HomeBuzzFarmers navigated the world of social media for our start-up venture. Their level of knowledge, command of the medium, and outstanding customer service made them an invaluable partner to us. They sowed …we reaped!

    Judy Hagan, Healthcare Resources Online
  • HomeWe’ve made it no secret that we love to see when a producer can make great looking, concise, helpful videos out of subjects that may not necessarily lend themselves to a visual treatment, and Patrick has done just that. Great work, Patrick! Keep it up!

    John McShane, About.com
  • HomeWorking with Amanda is a pleasure – she makes it easy to understand the "why" behind best practice. Instead of presenting a rigid system, she is flexible about working our editorial style into a successful model.

    Noah Weiner, Biblical Archaeology Society
  • HomeAmanda really knows her stuff! She is so incredibly knowledgeable about interactive programs that really work and can add value and a new revenue stream to your company. She's also great fun to work with!

    Shelby Kraus, Premier Guitar Magazine
  • HomeAmanda’s social media presentation was great and very informative. It has me excited to pursue a social media strategy! She knows her stuff!

    Jessica Mordo, Sunset Magazine
  • HomeAmanda is the milk in my coffee and the sugar in my tea! She makes everything I do ... better!

    Don Nicholas, Mequoda
  • HomeAmanda was instrumental in getting me up to speed on the importance of keywords, headline composition, body-text SEO, and the statistical tracking thereof. She took the time to review sample posts and discuss what I was doing right and what needed work. Her friendly and thorough consultation strongly contributed to the organic evolution of an ever-expanding and stylized “bag of tricks” for innovative SEO solutions under tight deadlines.

    Raymond Horwitz, Black Belt Magazine
  • HomeBuzzFarmers is a pioneer in using social media to build strong relationships and a killer brand. They achieve what remains elusive to most users of social media: building genuine relationships with a community. And with video content becoming an essential key to improved blog open rates for publishers, their expert and practical technology voice is one that executives would do well to heed.

    Tom Vick, Natural Health Advisory Institute
  • HomeListening to BuzzFarmers speak is an education, and I consider the time I spend reading their blog as an important part of staying current in the fields of SEO and social media.

    Alex Conde, TSI Network