About Us

BuzzFarmers is a boutique content company in Rhode Island. We create award-winning company blogs. Don’t mistake us for an agency, though. All of our content is created in-house by our squad of writers, artists, marketers and industry experts.

Content strategy comes first at BuzzFarmers. We taught search, social and editorial strategy to major magazine publishing houses for more than a decade and started BuzzFarmers to bring that same publishing power to brands who want more exposure, more engagement, and more sales through their website.

Does more exposure, engagement and an increase in sales sound good?

That’s what we do. And we do it through your company blog.

What BuzzFarmers offers:

Level One

BuzzAudits: Comprehensive content marketing plans that include customer personas, keyword research, blog templates, social media templates, recommendations and a month’s worth of SEO-optimized blog titles. We offer this as a one-time purchase and a monthly subscription.

Level Two

Content Development: After your BuzzAudit, if you love what you see, but don’t have the resources to move forward (or just want to get it off your plate), we offer three different monthly packages. Every month we work with you to develop an editorial calendar and will research, write, optimize, edit, publish and promote the content every month.

Level Three

Extras: BuzzFarmers clients have access to à la carte items in addition to their monthly packages. This includes ongoing email marketing, custom illustrations for their blog posts, monthly white papers and other customizations.

Why BuzzFarmers is better at managing your company blog than you are

BuzzFarmers is where the best-performing blog content on the web is cultivated.

It’s written with love, a sprinkle of SEO, and sunny rays of Social Media.

If you’re looking for a better content company, you’ll discover that we’re laser-focused on blog content and turning your company blog into money, money, money.

Do you like money? Would you love to throw it around and make it rain on days that end in Y?

Well, you didn’t start a business because you hate it. At the very least, you have employees who want it.

Good news! BuzzFarmers creates content that converts. Our team develops content for business blogs that generate 70% or more of our clients’ website traffic and leads. This content has generated more than $10 million in revenue for those clients.

With blogs? Yes, blogs. Especially blogs.

And we’re not all willy-nilly about it, either. The system we use to research, develop, publish and promote your content hasn’t even been imagined yet by the goofs at those other agencies. And it works for every client. And no content marketing agency out there offers anything like it.

Your blog will be transformative, resourceful, authoritative, share-worthy, and search optimized so that your best content drives traffic for years. We’ll even make you look cool with custom illustrations from our local illustrators. You want to be cool, don’t you?

The result:

  • A Search Optimized Website
    …with hundreds of blog posts driving traffic

  • A Social Media Feed
    …filled with unique quality content.

  • A Loyal Fanbase
    …that says, “shut up and take my money!”

Why a Managing Editor is so important

Whaaaa? You get your own managing editor? Yep, this is the real deal.

Your Managing Editor plans, develops and produces your content every month. They’re like having a virtual employee that you can call on whenever you need. (And you don’t have to worry about all that pesky payroll, 401k and health insurance business – we got them covered.)

Most importantly, they’re not detached project managers who toss your content projects to the lowest bidder and pray for the best. Our Managing Editors are responsible for producing unique, thoughtful, SEO-optimized, handwritten content for our clients.

As you read this, they are quadrupling website traffic and online sales for startups, SaaS and app developers, cricket-based energy bars, magazine publishers, and even other marketing agencies (yep, we do that too).

They aren’t freelancers from some country you can’t pronounce. They have pine desks in our Rhode Island office that you can really visit, and cell phones you can really call to cook up monthly editorial calendars and customer-centric blog ideas.

We’re here for you every month

Want to hear another way we’ll challenge how you typically view a content marketing agency?

We’re responsible for the success of your content, rather than tossing it your way and saying ‘good luck with that!’

To make the magic happen, we obsess over creating you the best search-optimized, kick-butt content and making sure it’s published consistently and promoted in social media the most effectively. Obsess is putting it lightly. Then we report back on what’s working best. We do a lot of testing. We obsess over testing, actually, and everything we learn benefits all of our clients!

This is why we work only on a monthly retainer basis. There’s no long-term committment, but many of our clients have stayed with us since we first opened shop almost five years ago! No pressure or anything.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, how can we get this started faster than green grass through a goose?

Check out our monthly packages and let us know when we can start!