Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthurBOSSYPANTS

Amanda MacArthur is the CEO of BuzzFarmers. Before BuzzFarmers, Amanda ran the research arm of a marketing consultancy for magazine publishers, where she taught blogging, SEO, and social media workshops to editors at Harvard, F + W, Time Inc., Condé Nast, Dwell Media, Bonnier, and other magazine publishing houses.

Patrick HughesCOO

Patrick Hughes wrangles the BuzzFarmers team and trains us on best practices based on the results of our content labs. These content labs are developed through the monthly A/B social media and content testing that we conduct and Patrick delivers to all of our clients. He also manages our developers in the creation of new client blogs, making sure they're up to BuzzFarmers code and will convert blog traffic into leads, subscribers, and buyers most effectively.

Patrick Hughes

Mary RaymondBusiness Manager

Mary Raymond is the manager of the BuzzFarmers office. She wears many hats to make sure HR, billing, budgeting, bookkeeping, and payroll all run smoothly. Fun Fact: Mary is super-knowledgeable about all things edible – she lives to try new foods. She also enjoys making people laugh, which is a good thing, because she does it all of the time.

Mary Raymond



Kim Mateus is our Director of Business Development and is one of the first people you’ll talk to when you reach out to us. She has taught workshops about online marketing for publishers all over the world and has no problem conveying exactly how we can turn blog visitors into new leads, subscribers and app downloaders.



Chris Sturk is our trusted manager of all things wordy. For several years, Chris was the Managing Editor of Mequoda, where he edited and wrote thousands of articles and white papers about best-practice blogging and search engine optimization. Prior to joining Mequoda, Chris was the marketing manager of a boutique lifestyle firm focused on the music and entertainment industries and based in Rhode Island.

Shawn BadgleyManaging Editor

Shawn Badgley is a Managing Editor at BuzzFarmers. His experience in digital publishing and communications proves crucial in his successful collaborations with BuzzFarmers' clients. He has written about culture – business, technology, media, health, sports, arts, and entertainment – for outlets including The Austin Chronicle, where he was a Senior Editor. He also served as Interactive Content Manager at South by Southwest, and has worked with dozens of campaigns on messaging, media relations, and outreach efforts.

Shawn Badgley

Erin Ollila

Erin Ollila Managing Editor

Erin Ollila believes in the power of words and how a message can inform – and even transform – its intended audience. Her past work can be found all over the Internet and in print, but it's her work with you that means more to her than anything else. Erin’s an empathetic listener who considers all perspectives, and takes a client-centered approach to every project. What else would you expect from the child of a psychologist and a nurse?

Patrick YurickLead Illustrator at Large

Patrick has been working as an art educator in southern California for the past six years. His passions are for telling stories and designing ways for people to learn. He's Internet-famous for his series My Arm: The Comic and is the author of Hipster Picnic. He's a regular moderator and panelist at Comic Con International; has been on the ground floor of the MOOC movement; and, as if he didn't have enough to do, is the founder of Little Fish Comic Book Studio and current CEO of He has a degree in graphic design from the New England Institute of Art and an art education degree from Plymouth State University.

Patrick Yurick

Napa the Dog

Napa the DogHousecarl of BuzzFarmers

Napa is our office dog and housecarl. Most days you can find him practicing his smithing and alchemy skills, although his true passion – and the one that puts food in his bowl – is Napa's Daily Growl.

Howdy, and welcome to the farm!

Let's talk a little about the history ...

BuzzFarmers is lovingly run by Patrick Hughes and Amanda MacArthur. They met on Twitter by accident in 2009, met in person a couple of weeks later for some harmless local networking (Amanda was new to Rhode Island), and then they couldn’t stop hanging out.

Their first year as friends, they attended dozens of social media conferences together and even threw Providence’s first big holiday Tweetup! Now, they run BuzzFarmers together, and it has been a raging success since day one. Oh, and they have a GoldenDoodle named Napa.

And now about the company ...

To see growth in website traffic through blogging, social media, and SEO, your content needs to be great. It should be thoughtful, well-researched, and thought-provoking. Otherwise, it’s just another dull page in a sea of a trillion websites. Keywords alone will only get you so far. We’re focused on your longevity.

Here’s a chart that represents what the Google Analytics dashboard of one of our clients looks like. In the first six months, we brought their website traffic from 0 to 14,000-plus unique visitors per month, directly through the blog. These blog posts are frequently shared in social media by the readers who find them in search.

We're not a content mill

Our writers are award-winning bloggers and journalists, and we build relationships with clients over time to better align your business with the marketing strategy of the blog. We’re actively involved in your success, so we’ll suggest plugins and other best practices to help you grow.

Most of the time, we work alone, as when a business wants to hand over the blog and let us work our magic. To be honest, that works best. Often, when a business gets in and starts tinkering, traffic slows down. If you can trust us to make it happen, we’ll work hard for you. Elbow grease will be made.

Why we're better than those other guys

Listen, if you’ve talked to other companies who think they can rank your website by simply targeting specific niche keywords but without any social media efforts or updated content, they’re hosing you.

In order to keep showing up in search engines, you need to have constantly updated content. That content needs to be optimized for search engines. People need to link to you. You need to link to yourself with social media.

And if you couldn’t care less about search engine optimization, but think that running a few social media campaigns will give you everything you need, you’re also missing a few pieces. Nobody is going to be inspired to give you business if you’re shouting promotional tweets at them all day. Nobody is going to “like” you on Facebook if all you’re giving are updates of your restaurant menu or your new eBook.

These are things they can find on a static website, which we’re guessing you already have. If you haven’t updated it in a year, or only update it every couple of weeks, this is your website.

In order to be extraordinarily successful with social media, you need to be a source of information to the community and find the people who aren’t already looking for you. You already have those folks – that’s why they’re on your website.

At BuzzFarmers, we know that you can’t try doing bits and pieces and still truly make an impact creating online buzz and passing the word of mouth about your business. That’s why we’ve created all-inclusive packages so that you’re getting everything you need to be successful online.

If you want to learn more about our BuzzAudits and monthly retainers, please contact us!

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