Content Packages


Your homepage and sales pages can only do so much.

Your blog can be developed in a way that targets each type of customer in different ways, through hundreds of content campaigns, driving traffic to your blog and products forever.

This is what we do every day. We’re artisans of content – and marketing that content. Our goal through managing your blog is to humanize your marketing efforts by creating valuable content that drives traffic to your site for years to come.

Meet your new Managing Editor

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.44.56 PMClients have told us that they’ve never seen a third party successfully integrate as well as we do. Every client has their own non-outsourced Managing Editor, a seasoned writer who creates your editorial calendar, writes your content, crafts social posts, and communicates with you on a daily basis.

Every Managing Editor is trained in the SEO and social media best practices that we are continually building with every client. This expert in your niche works with us in our Rhode Island office – she is not outsourced or overseas.

Price Chart

We’re a group of passionate writers and marketing experts, and we want to be a part of your team! Here’s everything that can be included as part of your monthly blogging retainer.

Start Attracting Each of Your Customer Personas Individually with Search-Optimized Blog Posts

Discover what your customers are looking for, and then publish blogs that will attract them through search. There are only so many ways to optimize your homepage, but there are endless opportunities to write blog posts that attract each type of potential customer individually.

Trust us: Our managing editors have personally trained hundreds of magazine editors on how to blog effectively; written thousands of posts and articles themselves; and handled content for startups, legacy companies, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations.

Drive More Traffic with Proven Social Media Strategies

Take those blog posts and turn them into content campaigns. Quality content and SEO don’t work on their own, because search engines use social media to determine how popular your articles are. We’ll use your social media accounts to promote your blog posts and develop a content strategy that highlights your target customers so that you can tag them in posts and build relationships with them. Our organic social media approach will build links back to your site, create brand loyalists, humanize your online persona, answer questions,  provoke conversations, and more.

Trust us: Our social media scientist is a leader in her field, a published author and speaker on the topic. Marketers around the world use her strategies and formulas with a proven track record of success.

Stand Out As a Trusted Business with Custom Illustrations

Start incorporating unique graphics and illustrations into your content campaigns to stand out from your competitors.  Say “no” to stock photography and let our artists design custom illustrations for your blog.

Trust us: We work closely with several trusted designers who have their own unique styles and have won awards for everything from book illustration to package design.

Save Money on Trial and Error with Data and Analytics

Find out what makes your customers click and buy. The backbone of our business is built on data. We’re constantly experimenting with blog titles, Tweet formulas, SEO strategies, and other marketing tests. No client uses the same formulas, because you all have completely different customers. We work from scratch each time to figure out what works best for you.

Get Started This Month

Once you’ve completed a BuzzAudit and are ready to begin the path to publishing high quality content that draws in all of your different potential buyers, then we have a few popular packages for you:

  • Managing Editor

    Your own content expert to work with directly. You have their number.

  • Content Campaigns Per Month

    500-800 word blog posts, optimized for search and website conversion.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Using our 12x12x12 method, we'll share each post across your networks using 12 unique social formulas and schedule them up to 12 months.

  • Monthly Editorial Calendar

    Once a month we'll meet to brainstorm trends and plan the month ahead.

  • Long-Tail Content Marketing

    Your content is future-proofed with SEO and social strategies we've perfected.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Every post on your blog is built to attract, retain, engage and monetize visitors.

  • Custom Blog Graphics

    Each post is illustrated with several custom graphics to receive longer engagement, better SEO, and higher social shares.

  • Monthly Content & Social Metrics Report

    Discover exactly how content and social is performing and learn what to test.

Add-ons include: additional blog posts, white papers and ebooks, email marketing, press releases and copywriting.

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