Flexible SEO + Social Media Packages

Your website needs traffic in order for your business to make money, and the best way to get this traffic is by becoming a resource of information for people who are interested in what you’re selling. At BuzzFarmers, we are experts in building a steady stream of organic traffic to your website through original blog posts, search engine optimization, and social media love. This is what we call audience development.

Generating online buzz is never a matter of optimizing a static site, and we’ll tell you that right now.

If you intend for your website to sit quietly and valiantly rely on keywords to continue getting traffic from search engines and social media, you’re going to be surprised when we tell you that in order to be wildly successful online, your website needs to hold hands with the online community.

This means:

  • Link-building to tell Google and other search engines that other sites think you’re smart and valuable.
  • Search Engine Optimization to get found in search engines when someone types in a question or query that your website can answer.
  • Blogging to have freshly updated content that is found in search engines and is regularly shared on social networks.
  • Social Media Updates to tell your network – and the networks of others – that you have news to spread, specials to share, and knowledge to drop.
  • Online Outreach with other bloggers, optimized press releases, email newsletters, online videos, and competitive partnerships.

Your website and business simply cannot thrive without building online relationships that consistently drive traffic and customers to your door.

Our buzz-building marketing packages are designed to give you an all-inclusive, hands-off approach to managing your online marketing. They run on monthly plans, and if you decide to cancel your plan, we will happily train you on how to continue succeeding with content, SEO, and social media.

Still on the fence about hiring a virtual marketing company?

According to Mediapost, via a new study from the marketing firm Digital Brand Expressions, while 78% percent of corporate respondents say their company is using social media, only 41% say they have a strategic plan in place to guide such activity.

Is this you?

Many companies think that they should be using social media, so they get someone on their team who’s been getting caught on Facebook too often and give them the title of social media director.

While we agree that it’s important to assign social media duties to someone who is already enthusiastic about the medium, it’s important to set goals and create a game plan for what you want to accomplish.

Or maybe you’re on the other side of the fence … you’re avoiding it like the plague.

“I don’t want to hear any more about this MyFace or Spacebook,” you say. You give excuses like:

  • “My niche doesn’t use social networks.”
  • “The people on social networks are just other marketers.”
  • “I don’t have the time, and neither does my staff.”
  • “The economy is down and we don’t have the budget to start using social media.”
  • “ I can’t measure the results.”
  • “Nobody on my team is trained, and I don’t have the skills/time to learn.”

What if we told you that every single one of these statements is false? In fact, some are just plain silly. Many companies, restaurants, and small businesses think they’re “staying true” to their original audience by keeping everything organic and by doing everything the same way they always have.

Well, if “staying true to your original audience” is your main goal, we have to ask:

What about a new audience? Do you want make more money? That’s the goal of being in business, right?

What happens when your existing audience starts to pale and thin out? If you think creating a new audience from the more “digital” crowd won’t happen for you, then you should talk to some of the very successful folks who are doing it – and doing it right.

Telling yourself or your company that you don’t have the resources or knowledge to use social media and start gaining a bigger advantage over your competitors is – yeah, we’ll say itholding your company back.

Maybe you’re the excuse maker, or maybe you’re the excuse taker, but excuses are running thin in a day and age when the tools are free, and all that these new skills require is a little time and effort.

How we’re currently helping clients with social media:

We just finished a project with a large, well-known corporation who had been tinkering with social media tools but had no concept of what they wanted to accomplish. They had multiple people posting links on Twitter, they had someone in their accounting department who was taking pictures of people working and posting them to Facebook, and they were sometimes even spamming forums with links to their products and promotions.

The biggest struggle for this company was that they had no idea why they were using social media or what they should be blogging about.

Like all of our clients, we started with a comprehensive Buzz Audit that detailed everything their competitors were doing and analyzed their existing efforts. We discovered what was working, and what really, really wasn’t. We determined that they were wasting time on one social network, but had a really enthusiastic but neglected following on the other.

We’re now currently managing a handful of their social media accounts and working with a few key content creators to create great content and train them to move forward with pioneering social media and content creation in-house.

Start marketing your business organically through good old-fashioned relationship building.

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