The concept of blogging for business is new for a lot of people, so we get a lot of questions. Here are a few, although we encourage you to ask more!

Buzz Piggy
What does BuzzFarmers mean?

Contrary to popular belief, we’re neither beekeepers nor moonshine brewers. We decided to call ourselves BuzzFarmers to highlight the organic nature of how we run things around here. Write great content, and they will come. Optimize it, and they will keep coming. We implement a long-tail strategy that will serve you for as long as your blog exists. Also, we wanted an excuse to get a pet pig.

What’s a Managing Editor?

The point of hiring us to manage and produce your blog is so that you can do what you’re good at while we do what we’re good at. The majority of us hail from the land of magazine publishing, where a managing editor oversees all editorial. When you sign a retainer with BuzzFarmers, you will get a managing editor who will be your first point of contact. This is the person who will plan your editorial calendar, optimize your posts, develop a style guide, and write your articles. They manage your blog from concept to publish.

Is a BuzzAudit required to become a client? How much does it cost?

Yep! Run in the opposite direction of anybody who proposes to write for you without developing a content plan that directly relates to your customers and products! A BuzzAudit is $999 or just $499 (save $500) when you join up to be a monthly client. Side note: We also white label these audits for other marketing companies. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Do you only work on retainer?

Yes, consider us on salary. There are no timesheets to review and we won’t nickel and dime you for every extra half-hour. One invoice every month, even if we work more hours than we agreed to (and we usually do!). Budgeting made easy, for both of us!

So, you won’t write me just one blog post?

Nope, sorry. Our Managing Editors are here for you full time. There are plenty of content mills out there that will write content for $30 bucks a pop with a little broken English sprinkled in. That’s not us.

Whose name goes on the blog posts, yours or mine?

That’s totally up to you. Smaller startups who want to look bigger will often ask us to use our own byline, while others ask us to ghost blog under their names. It’s up to you, you own the content.

Who owns the content?

You do, you’re free to modify the content, republish it, or change the byline at any time.

Am I eligible for a Mequoda Gold Member discount?

We have a special partnership with Mequoda. If you’re a current client of Mequoda, you’ll receive a 5 – 50% Gold Member discount on your monthly retainer, depending on volume.

Do you offer any other discounts?

We offer a 20% discount on your next month when you refer us a client.

What if I already have a blog? Will you help me promote it?

At least half of our clients are legacy publishers who already maintain their own blogs and produce the content themselves. For these publishers, we offer a package of optimizing their blog posts for search before they’re published and using social media for content marketing.

Will you produce a BuzzAudit for a client of mine?

Yep! We white label our audits for lots of companies. We don’t, however, white label our services or produce blog posts for a fee.