Most company blogs suck.

If your company blog isn’t generating revenue for your business, stop blogging right now.

buzzauditDon’t publish another blog post, or launch a new content marketing campaign without learning how to blast the pants off your ROI with our BuzzAudit.

If your blog isn’t paying for itself and generating new business, a BuzzAudit will show you who your customers are, how to attract them through search with what they want you to write about, and how you can convert those blog readers into buyers.

All of our clients start with a BuzzAudit, but you don’t necessarily need to hire us to develop content for you afterward, because we’ll give you everything you need to get going:

60-minute consult – Before your audit, you’ll tell us everything we need to know. Afterward, we’ll return the favor. We’ll discuss strategy, frequency, style, hiring an editor, anything you want.

Up to 6 Potential Blog Reader / Buyer Personas– Identifying who is most likely to buy your product or totally dig your niche, and what problems they have that you can solve with your product and blog posts.

Product audit – Connecting the lines between your customer personas, the products they’re most likely to buy, and what blog topics relate to each product.

100+ niche keyword ideas – Researching keywords for you with less than 100,000 competing pages, making it easy for almost anyone to write about the topics and get ranked in Google.

30 unique SEO-optimized blog post title ideas – Creating blog headlines, using our keyword research. You’ll recieve 30 ready-to-go blog title headlines that you can start writing or outsourcing right away. That’s at least a month of content!

20 copy-and-paste calls to action – Getting people to the next step is goal #1 in content marketing. Every blog post needs professionally written call to action in the middle or the end, and we’ll write them for you.

3 editorial calendar templates – Planning ahead makes for better content teams. These three spreadsheet templates, designed to accommodate different publishing frequencies, will get you there (includes forever access to these templates as we continue to update and expand them).

3 SEO-ready blog templates – Blogging for business works best with structure, even if you write outside the lines sometimes. Give these templates to your editors, it’s all they’ll need to start writing more structured, engaging and SEO-friendly content. These were developed based on our clients’ best-performing articles (includes forever access to these templates as we continue to update and expand them).

12 social media formulas – Scheduling social media posts for your articles isn’t a one-time thing. Use these formulas as a blueprint for promoting your articles in social media for the next twelve months. They’re repeatable by your social media team every time you publish a blog post (includes forever access to these templates as we continue to update and expand them). 

Recommended WordPress plugins – All the plugins we whole-heartedly recommend for getting the best SEO and Social benefits from your blog.

This audit allows you to skip over the trial and error of figuring out what might work for your blog and social media. It gives you all of the research, data, and next steps to hit the ground running. If you choose to start a monthly retainer with us, we can start right away. If you choose to implement the plan on your own, it offers everything you need to do to build a successful business blog.

Order a BuzzAudit and take the first step toward running a more visible, personable, and buzzworthy business with a professional blog.


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Patrick Hughes, at your service.
Patrick Hughes, at your service.

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