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How would you like a blueprint, a guide, or a business plan for your current business blog or the one you plan on building for your business?

All of our clients start with a crucial part of the process: our BuzzAudit. This 20- to 40-page research report allows us to skip over the trial and error of figuring out what might work for your blog and social media. It gives you all of the research, data, and next steps to hit the ground running. If you choose to start a monthly retainer with us, we can start right away. If you choose to implement the plan on your own, it offers an outline of everything you need to do to build a successful business blog.

Order a BuzzAudit and take the first step toward running a more visible, personable, and buzzworthy business with a professional blog.


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This no-obligation audit will tell you exactly what to do. Based completely on data – not opinion! – we can tell you:

  • What your competitors are doing better than you and how to compete more effectively
  • What you should be blogging about, and how often
  • What types of videos would personalize your business and create brand loyalists
  • What niche keywords you can use in articles to drive tons of traffic
  • Where you’re dropping the ball on your website when converting visitors into buyers on your blog
  • What people are saying about you already in social media and online
  • Which blogs you can partner with to get more traffic and add cross-promotion opportunities
  • Where your branding is a little loose, and how to keep your message consistent across media
  • Which social networks will be most beneficial – and which ones to ditch
  • And so much more (we know everyone says that, but 110% is our middle name)

What You’ll Receive In Your BuzzAudit

  • A Customer Persona Guide
  • A digital marketing overview of three competitors
  • One month’s worth of suggested blog topics and titles, including keywords so that you’ll start with some SEO juice
  • One suggested tweet formula for each suggested blog post, based on actual data of proven success for you and/or your competitors
  • A suggested social media schedule to recycle content throughout the year
  • We’ll give you actual content that you can start using right away: In addition to the research you can use to move your business forward, you’ll also receive a one-month editorial calendar that you can use with or without us