January Twitter Tips and Tricks

Happy month, my friends! As you might know, I manage Twitter.About.com for About.com. As usual, I kept SEO in mind, which made the topics a little wacky. You’d be really surprised to know how many people search for “arianna grande twitter,” for example. Tens of thousands of people every month. And the competition, in comparison, is ridiculously low. 

January Twitter Tips and TricksAnd since I’m contracted to write posts exclusively about Twitter, I decided to start doing profiles on different celebrities on Twitter. The first one I did was Matt Cutts, and this month I did Ellen Degeneres. In my research for Ellen, I discovered that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made their TV debut on her show, and that they give her an enormous amount of credit in their success. I think that’s pretty awesome, and the two of them are making such an amazing impact on the perception of marriage equality. When I watched the Grammys last weekend and they married 30 gay and straight couples to the tune of “Same Love,” I cried my eyes out.

I also did some speed-tipping in this round of Twitter articles for About.com. I challenged myself with the task of writing 600 words in 30 minutes. I was able to finish only one of these in the time limit, because it’s a topic I’ve written about several times a week for the past few years: Twitter for Restaurants. I find it hilarious but disappointing how many restaurants badmouth their guests on Twitter.

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Next, I wrote about two topics that people relentlessly ask about and search for, so I decided to weigh in: the best URL shorteners for Twitter and the whys and hows people unfollow on Twitter. I feel like the unfollowing thing has gotten out of control, which I delve into with the article. I know that it’s so easy to feel like Twitter is a popularity contest, because there are numbers next to your profile, but it isn’t. Do you have people who respond to you almost every time you Tweet? That’s what you want – quality followers. Quality followers are people who actually give a crap about what you say. And, if they don’t, let them unfollow.

Until next month.

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Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthur is the CEO of BuzzFarmers. Before BuzzFarmers, Amanda ran the research arm of a publishing company for magazine publishers where she was hired to teach blogging and social media workshops to editors at Harvard, F + W, Time Inc. Condé Nast, Dwell Media and Bonnier.