Jerk-Free Social Media Marketing

There are so many ways to do social media wrong, that we've spent the last five years testing formulas for posts on all different social networks. Every client is part of an active experiment so that you get more clicks, more comments and a more valuable return on your investment.

And by more valuable return, we mean more customers, users and followers who actually enjoy and respond to what's being posted, not gimmicky click-bait. Here are all the things that can be included as part of your monthly social media retainer.

24/7 Social Media

Start building relationships and create brand loyalists. Social media isn’t a 9-5 job, so why hire an in-house social media professional? Our organic social media approach will build links back to your site, create brand loyalists, humanize your online persona, answer questions,  provoke conversations, and more. We even attend Tweetchats on your behalf!

Our social media scientist is a leader in her field, a published author and speaker on the topic. Marketers around the world use her strategies and formulas with a proven track record of success.

Video Storytelling

Post creative, thoughtful videos that help tell the story of your business. Give customers a look behind the scenes, shoot creative and quirky interviews with your team, come up with creative product overviews and animations, or come up with a creative series or web show.

Our lead producer ran a video production company before joining our team. He writes for leading video production magazines and is trusted by all the big’uns, including The New York Times Company. His specialty is provoking emotion and loyalty through video and strategic editing.


Start incorporating unique graphics and illustrations into your social media posts.  Say “no” to stock photography and let our artists design custom illustrations for your blog, Facebook posts and Pinterest posts.

We work closely with several trusted designers who have their own unique styles and have won awards for everything from book illustration to package design.

+ Data and Analytics

Find out what makes your customers click and buy. The backbone of our business is built on data. We're constantly experimenting with blog titles, tweet formulas, SEO strategies and other marketing tests. No client uses the same formulas because you all have completely different customers. We work from scratch each time to figure out what works best for you, not everyone else.

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