Twitter News for December 2013

What’s going on, kids? As you know, every month I write a post about all of the lovely news I’m jabbing about over on About.com. This month, it was trends, ads, the controversy of blocking, and a 101 on how to direct message someone.

So, let’s talk Twitter trends first, because I feel like it’s crazy how Twitter has started to completely shape the way normal people live. And I don’t mean me, because I know that I’m not normal. Twitter has been screwing with my normalness for a while. I was writing epic hashtags before your Twitter account was born, dawg!

In any case, some of the top hashtags were #Inauguration, #BostonStrong and #MalalaDay, for the girl who was quoted saying, “Let us be united and work together for the rights of girls and boys.” Then there were ones for the VMAs, March Madness and, my favorite, #SFBatkid.

The Golden Tweets are the ones that got retweeted the most, and they include an update from Lea Michele after Cory Monteith passed away, the official update when Paul Walker passed away, and, for some reason, a Tweet from Niall Horan, who I just had to Google, on his 20th birthday. Apparently he’s in One Direction? I feel out of touch.

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In other news, Twitter launched their version of Twitter retargeting, which they’re calling Tailored Audiences. If you’ve ever seen the ads that show up on websites, like your Facebook feed, that seem to magically know what’s in your shopping cart on, say, Overstock.com, then you’ve seen them. Now twitter has them. Good for marketers!

I also did a quick little how-to on how to direct message, because there was this whole controversy with direct messages recently. Twitter decided to let everyone DM everyone, and the marketers went out of their freaking minds and started spamming everyone. Needless to say, they shut that down quickly.

Finally, Twitter set off some other grenades by messing with the block feature. They made it so that even if you block someone, they can still see your feed, they just can’t contact you. That didn’t go over well with people who have digital stalkers, apparently, and they reversed the decision pretty quickly. Apparently these people haven’t heard of private accounts?

In any case, the holidays are almost here, so get off of Twitter and enjoy your family time!

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Amanda MacArthur

Amanda MacArthur is the CEO of BuzzFarmers. Before BuzzFarmers, Amanda ran the research arm of a publishing company for magazine publishers where she was hired to teach blogging and social media workshops to editors at Harvard, F + W, Time Inc. Condé Nast, Dwell Media and Bonnier.