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PodCamp Boston in 73 Seconds and 1,392 Words

PodCamp Boston in 73 Seconds and 1,392 Words Video, Tips, Tricks, and Takeaways from this New Media & Social Media Conference in Boston

This weekend, Patrick and I left the BuzzFarm for the big city and stayed in Cambridge, Mass., for Podcamp Boston 5. We have a combined total of having attended 7 PodCamps in both Boston and New York and wholeheartedly agreed that this event was the best one yet.

It wasn’t as big as recent PodCamps due to the lack of room in the facility (Microsoft NERD Center), but the intimacy of the crowd and quality of the people who attended was just remarkable.

We’ve got a whole big breakdown for you below, but let’s start with a kick-butt video intro, cause you know we love video!

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