Look, cold-calling might work for insurance agencies and debt collectors, but it doesn’t work for us.

We know first-hand that word of mouth from a trusted source travels more quickly than trying to convince a stranger to do just about anything.

That’s why we’ve put together a referral incentive program and it’s very simple:

Refer us a client and we’ll give you 10%.

Even better: If they sign up for a monthly plan (and most do), you’ll continue to receive 5% every month as long as they are a client.

And no, we’re not like those other guys. We won’t tack on an additional 10% for the client to cover our losses. After all, we may not have our new favorite client at all if it wasn’t for you, so consider it a nice thank-you gift.

How it works

If you refer us a client and they sign a one-off contract of $1500, we’ll cut you a check for $150.

If you refer us a client and they sign a monthly $1500 contract, we’ll cut you a check $150 the first month and $75 for every month thereafter that they are a client.

If you’re already a client

Clients can take part in this same offer. If you have a colleague who is interested in our services, we’ll take 10% off your final invoice. If you’re on a monthly plan, we’ll discount an additional 5% for every month that they are also on a monthly plan.

You see how this all looks well and good for both of us, yes?

Whether you’re passing the word along by mouth, or just want to tell us about your referral in the form on this page, as long as we know where our new friends came from, we’ll be sending you a check.

How to refer us a new client